Antifa Member Who Attacked ICE Center Echoed Ocasio-Cortez’s ‘Concentration Camp’ Language In Final Manifesto

Daily Caller: The man who attacked an Immigration and Customs Enforcement center over the weekend echoed Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s description of detention centers as “concentration camps” in a manifesto he published before the attack.

Willem Van Spronsen, who identified himself as a member of the left-wing Antifa movement in his manifesto, died in a shootout Saturday after storming an ICE center in Tacoma, Washington, armed with flares and a rifle. Van Spronsen, 69, reportedly attempted to ignite a propane tank on the premises in order to burn down the facility.

“Evil says concentration camps for folks deemed lesser are necessary. The handmaid of evil says the concentration camps should be more humane,” Van Spronsen wrote in his manifesto. He referred to detention centers as “concentration camps” on four separate occasions in the manifesto, which local media confirmed as authentic.

Van Spronsen’s manifesto also referred to a coming “revolution” and urged his “comrades” to arm themselves. more here

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  1. So Willem Van Spronsen is now a hero and held in high regard by the Leftists.

    Look for more and more of this to happen as they grow bolder and bolder with the encouragement of their Democrat leaders.

    Be prepared for it, be ready.

  2. Maybe if police actually arrested wrong-doers on the streets before they had time to hammer out a manifesto this type of shit wouldn’t happen.

  3. Every time I see that particular photo of her I see a spanish dancer with canasta’s. She’s the stereotype come to life.

    Oh wait, I have something else coming thru….it’s a Brazilian dancer wearing a fruit basket on her head.

  4. @ Billy Fuster JULY 16, 2019 AT 4:33 PM


    Mostly way left, but many of them are actually pretty tolerant and just want to be left alone. The hippies and art community impress me as about 20/80 intolerant assholes/tolerant of others. The worst of the worst I have encountered are the tech assholes who are recent island residents. They work from home a lot and frequently shit all over their neighbors and are oblivious to the fact that they are generally looked on as nogoodniks. They will object to anyone hunting deer when deer are way too densely populated and are eating their neighbor’s kitchen gardens and destroying their topiary to a way unacceptable level.

    As far as abject screwballs like this cat… Vashon has more than its share of them. That’s for sure. Actually, he is fairly well known on the island.

    I usually have my RV on Vashon from Sept -> ~ a week or two either side of Thanksgiving. I get along with most of the residents fairly well.

  5. I’m sure she’ll be accountable here. Brown women are renowned for being fully accountable for their actions in the USA.

  6. It took her until TODAY to denounce that anitfa guy. After she was asked so many times by Conservative media to do it.

  7. My brother’s girlfriend is a Vashon Island native. He lives in Seattle but spends his weekends with her on Vashon Island. He’s also the last of my 3 brothers that is still a leftover hippie, longer hair, ponytail and all while the rest of us have short hair. My youngest brother says that he’s grown his hair out to hide the family bald spot in the back of his head. He along with my next brother are the two liberals in the family, my youngest brother and I are more conservative although my youngest brother is the total contrarian of the 4 of us. But I still love them, and don’t argue politics or religion with them anymore.

  8. So this Klantifa guys manifesto says flat out that Ocasio is “the handmaid of evil”

    I’d agree with that


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