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AOC’s New Climate Film Flops

America, prepare for another Oscar-worthy performance from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

If you weren’t dropping a kidney stone or having a wisdom tooth extracted, I have an entertainment suggestion for you. Now playing in theaters across the frozen plain is an AOC’s new documentary, titled “To The End.” She stars in her blockbuster of a doom-and-gloom documentary and narrates the 2-minute trailer. more

12 Comments on AOC’s New Climate Film Flops

  1. People don’t give a shit when it Cold like Hell, Food is very expensive & their investments are in the SHITTER by over 20%.

    By the way, WHO FUNDED her pet project?

  2. “You are close! You are CLOSE!”

    …to one of several, future, planetary epicenters of mass-starvation that you will cause.

    (Oh, and the lack of the ending word, ‘BEOTCH,’ is me showing as much respect for a sitting Congressman as I’m able.)


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