AOC’s Squad: What do other Women Think?

Jennifer Horn joins Sebastian Gorka to discuss her thoughts on horsewomen of the apocalypse.

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  1. I am not surprised that freshly indoctrinated 20something year olds, absent consistently firing synapses would embrace these scrunts, but anyone else would be completely insane……… or a democrap…… er……. never mind.


    Racists hiding behind their race and gender.

    Nice try, but Trump’s in office this time!

    (*Trump should sign an executive order condemning the 4 racists for their antisemitic speech, why not?)

  3. Does it matter? These 4 were elected by itty-bitty segments of their Communist-Democrat “societies”. They may be in Congress until their deaths. Like Maxi and Nancy. Horrors.

  4. The Four Morons of the Democrat Apocalypse are not going to STFU. They will never raise the white flag. They will never admit that they might be bringing down the House of Representatives. They believe that they are living proof that this country is ready for real Progressive change. They are the humps on SanFranNan’s back that she can’t remove. So it is written somewhere, so it will be!

  5. I heard someone on the radio say “squad” is an appropriate moniker for them as an acronym:

    …and that’s why Pelosi hates them, and also why the President keeps the light on them.

    They are blowing the Democrat’s cover.

    What they want is what ALL Dems want, but the establishment ones know better than to SAY it.

    It’s not completely right because Tlab and Omar want Shari’a, but they agree that Socialism is the best way to bring America down so Islam can rule the ruins.

    …so all in all, SQUAD works.

    Spread it around…


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