Appeals court orders judge in Flynn case to explain actions in dismissal

Just The News: A federal appeals court Thursday has agreed to hear a request from Michael Flynn’s legal team to remove the district judge overseeing his case, and has also ordered the judge to explain his controversial and unorthodox conduct in handling it. 

Judge Emmett Sullivan has been given a June 1 deadline to respond. The government has also been invited to “respond in its discretion” during that window. 

Flynn’s legal team had filed a request on Tuesday asking the appeals court to remove Judge Emmett Sullivan from the case, claiming the judge was biased against the defendant. Following the Justice Department’s request earlier this month to dismiss the case against Flynn, Sullivan had appointed retired federal Judge John Gleeson to file an amicus curiae brief arguing in favor of not dropping the case against the general. more

16 Comments on Appeals court orders judge in Flynn case to explain actions in dismissal

  1. Had he just done the right thing and dismissed the case, no one would be paying attention to his stupid self.
    Now? Maybe other defendants will start telling their own stories. He needs to step down or be removed.

  2. A lot of these shitbags are going to have the smirk on their mug shoved all the way down their throat before this plays out.

  3. Why can’t the appeals court simply reverse his decision? They’re an appeals court, for God’s sake.

  4. This judge needs to be removed because he’ll just move along to do injustice to the next person who he has some political issue with. American justice should be as squeaky clean as possible. This one has shown everyone his true political personality and favorites.

  5. Using the legal authority granted them to punish political enemies should be cause for disbarment, not an opportunity to further smear the victim.

  6. Sullivan is just a stupid mother clucking uncle tom living on the democrat plantation lookin’ ta please his masta.


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