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Apple backs down, Tim Cook tells Elon they will not ban Twitter from App Store


Apple “never considered” removing Twitter from its App Store, said Elon Musk on Wednesday after meeting with the CEO of the technology company, Tim Cook.

On Wednesday afternoon, Musk posted a photo of the Apple campus, thanking Cook for a tour of the tech giant’s headquarters. Musk recently said he would “go to war” with Apple over their developer tax.

The meeting came after Musk caught wind of Apple and Google reportedly threatening to remove the Twitter app from their store, to which Musk responded to by threatening to create his own brand of phones outside of the two tech corporations’ reaches. MORE

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  1. Apple and Google have no hesitation banning Millions of freedom seeking Chinese from secure interpersonal communications. When XI and the CCP demand, they listen and follow their directions, they don’t dare back down.

    But hey, they’ll now allow the Twitter app on their store after threatening otherwise.

    Neither Apple or Google are advocates for free speech or freedom of the Chinese or US populous. They have been the most active in disseminating false narratives provided by Governments and curtailing dissenting speech.

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  4. ^ And there are several companies doing it with Linux that he could buy and then direct to go in a direction he wants. If he did it right, had the right price and moved fast, it COULD be a big hit!

  5. Just remember from stuff like the U2 unasked album pushing to the Airdrop cutoff in China, Apple feels that they can rearrage the contents of your phone whenever it suits them, and just because they allow something today doesn’t mean it will still be there and unalteted tomorrow.

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