Arizona Forensic Audit Update 1/29

In this edition of Arizona Today, Dr. Lyle discusses what has been happening with the forensic audit of the Maricopa County ballots (the actual paper ballots, not copies) and voting machines, the recall of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, and reads some of the letters he has been getting from viewers.

h/t Abigail Adams.

14 Comments on Arizona Forensic Audit Update 1/29

  1. I’m headed out to AZ later this week to check out possible relocation. Their political leanings have me a little concerned though.

  2. BB — while you’re there, look up Dr. Lyle. He’s in Prescott. I think that’s one of the destinations you talked about, right?

  3. AA,

    Thanks for keeping us advised. If our founding fathers were still here they will start another revolution!

  4. Brad, if you are looking anywhere in the Phoenix area you might have to consider new construction. All the rest of California is in the process of buying anything on the market. There is an extreme shortage of listings.

  5. Thanks Doc. We live in rural NorCal. Bay Area Libtards are moving into our area so fast our housing is in the same condition. I think the Bay Area is turning into a ghost town.

  6. Brad,
    If you have kids, focus on the best schools. It not, head to northern Scottsdale or Cave Creek. Both good options.

  7. Cynic/Shelly
    If you see some goofy looking guy driving around aimlessly in a beige Duramax with Cali plates, flag me down.
    Shelly, our plan is to move, and not tell the kids.

  8. Brad,
    I know nothing about Arizona, but I wouldn’t look for best schools, if they’re public, there is no such thing anymore.

  9. ORWM

    Fortunately we are through that stage. And they all remained stone cold militant conservative. In fact I’m amazed the youngest made it through ASU considering his pertinacity for arguing with Libtard teachers.


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