Arkansas: Lawmakers mull renaming Little Rock’s ‘Bill & Hillary Clinton National Airport’



AmericanMirror: The Arkansas legislature could soon be considering legislation that would drop the names of two of the state’s most famous one-time residents from its largest airport.


State Sen. Jason Rapert posted a poll on Twitter asking constituents if they would support “a bill removing the names of Bill & Hillary Clinton from the Little Rock airport.”

“Arkansas does not support them,” he noted.

Hillary Clinton only won 33.7% of the vote in November. Republican Donald Trump won 60.6%.

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14 Comments on Arkansas: Lawmakers mull renaming Little Rock’s ‘Bill & Hillary Clinton National Airport’

  1. Just remove their names from the airport and put them on the prison! The only cost would be the labor to move the letters from one site to the other!

  2. At least show truth in advertising:
    The Serial Sexual Predator President Bill Clinton Airport
    But that would take a long time for the pilots to announce.

  3. Just put the words CORRUPT, LYING, CHEATING, SEXUAL DEVIANTS before Bill and Hillary. 😡 Just look at who the democRats have given us in the last 50 years. All disgusting choices.

  4. Rename the state penitentiary to The William Jefferson and Hillary Rodham Clinton Correctional Facility.

  5. Level the Clinton Library and make a nice park for the kids to enjoy. It would need to be scraped first down to bedrock to rid it of the blight there.

  6. The reason Hillary fought so hard to get her name on that airport is because the FAA airport code for Little Rock airport is “KLIT”, yes clit.

    I look forward to driving down there with my camera when they start to tear down the sign. Please give a heads up if you hear about them doing that – news travels a little slow in the Razorback state.

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