Ashli Babbitt’s Mom Speaks

American Greatness:

By Julie Kelly

The only video Ashli Babbitt’s mom has seen of her daughter on January 6 is a clip of her walking from Donald Trump’s speech to Capitol Hill. “That brings me peace,” Micki Witthoeft, Ashli’s mom, told me by phone on Wednesday. “She was in her zone, so happy, having a great day.”

“Until that son-of-a-bitch shot her.”

Nearly seven months after a United States Capitol Police officer shot Ashli Babbitt in the Capitol building on January 6, the government and subservient corporate news media still refuse to confirm the name of the federal officer who killed her. (Investigative journalist Paul Sperry recently reported the shooter likely is USCP Lt. Michael Byrd.) The Justice Department closed its investigation into her shooting in April and announced the unnamed officer would not face criminal charges.

Three USCP officers participated in an overdramatic public hearing before the January 6 select committee on Tuesday, often referring to protesters as “terrorists,” “insurrectionists,” and “traitors,” though not a single person arrested in the aftermath has been charged with terrorism, insurrection, or treason. They repeatedly claimed they thought they would be killed by the protesters. USCP officer Harry Dunn asked for a moment of silence in honor of Officer Brian Sicknick to once again promote the falsehood that he was killed in the line of duty. MORE

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  1. Her anger is justified, but there will be no justice, not even a facade of justice with the current regime.

  2. I’m sick to my stomach but what I am reading and what I know. I saw that video of that poor woman being shot and left to be videoed. How horrible. Just like David Dorin. But know justice will be served. Say your prayers everyday! Say your PRAYERS everyday! I can’t say it enough!!

    God bless us all.

  3. Byrd will be placed in the federal Witless Program and ushered out of the Country with big money.

    Capitol Police paid Hitman.

  4. @Mary Hatch

    “But know justice will be served.”

    There will be no justice for Ashli’s mom, not in this lifetime. “Social” Justice, the one the left practices, the one where value and worth are determined by skin color, has already declared Ashli’s life as worthless and without merit.

    How awful it must be for this poor woman to see that “son-of-a-bitch” walking around free, not having to answer for the capital crime of murder.

    If anyone needs prayers it is this woman, and those that foolishly believe we are still a nation of laws.

  5. rich taylor

    Define justice. You do know the guys got a price on his head right? I dunno. Let’s see what happens.

  6. It was a setup, they took the bait, it is all playing out as intended. The real treason took place on election day!

  7. Holding Jan6 Political Prisoners in solitary confinement without communication to their families and lawyers as well as this Fairy Tale they are ginning up right now for their Kangaroo Trial is just as treasonous!
    As I’ve said before, Welcome to the New Communism of the 21st Century… right here in our own back yard!!

  8. Well at least we now know that if someone breaks the window to our house and tries to climb in, we can shoot them and our name will never be released by officials, there will never be an investigation, and they will take our word for it that we were in fear for our lives?

    What do you mean it doesn’t work that way?

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