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Ask the Candidates What They Will Do About the Supreme Court



With the Supreme Court’s imposition of gay marriage nationwide and county clerk Kim Davis’ defiance all recent news, it is likely that constitutional issues will come up at this Wednesday’s GOP presidential candidate’s debate. This will be an excellent opportunity to explore the candidate’s views on the role of the Supreme Court. However, it would be unfortunate if the questions focus on the particulars of Ms. Davis’ case, or even the Obergefell decision.  Those they can too easily slip by with bromides. What they will look for in Supreme Court nominees is another useless question. Since Richard Nixon, Republican presidents have been saying they will only put forward nominees who respect the Constitution, and where has that gotten us?  That’s important, but clearly has not been sufficient. more

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  1. Course, on CNN it’ll be:

    Have you quit beating your mother?
    Yes or No!

    Do you still drown kittens?
    Yes or No!

    Continue to stomp puppies?
    Yes or No!

  2. This is what a President IlliniCake would respond with to this question:

    Since the Supremes have proven, with ObamaCare and Gay Marriage and a host of other topics, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that they are now merely the fourth political wing of our government and CLEARLY no longer serve in their originally designed purpose of providing objective Constitutional judicial oversight, as your President I would move to amend the Constitution of the United Sates of America to strip the Supremes of their lifetime tenure, and force them, as the partisan political hacks they’ve become, to face the voters every four years!

    Just as the other political branches of the government have to regularly endure.

    You wanna make the laws, too, Justices?

    Then start answering to the American citizenry!


    The ruling class wants to humiliate us by brainwashing us to accept the overwhelming and immovable power of others. Defying political and economic bullies, we must establish absolute rule of the majority. If we become so degenerate that we advocate Gayist “marriage” and adoption by referendum, the supreme law of a free country, fine, prosecute anyone who refuses to give those creatures a license. But that will never happen because a repulblic is political pedophilia and it must be replaced by direct democracy.

    We, the people, will interpret the Constitution based on logic and life experience. And instinct, too, because we haven’t yet been exposed to what Gayists are really all about, which will confirm our natural antipathy towards such enemies of society. It’s been known ever since Plato’s “Symposium” that this is a sick habit of the always degenerate upper class. In today’s terms, Plato said that homosexuality is like a 5-Star restaurant, while heterosexuality is as 99% as eating at McDonald’s.

  4. If it violates its oath of office, it has committed Treason.
    It should be taken out and hanged.

    Impeached at the VERY least.

    A LAW requires passage by both chambers of the Legislature and acceptance by the Executive. If these things haven’t happened, it is NOT a LAW, it is a tyrannical oligarchical dictate.

    We have no moral obligation to abide by an immoral, or unjust, law.

    Remember Dred Scott and the Underground Railroad.

  5. Elaina Kagan stated to Congress in 2009 during her confirmation as solicitor general that “there is no constitutional right to gay marriage”.

    She needs to be impeached for lying under oath.

  6. I might even consider voting for any candidate who declares that he (or she) will have a litmus test for SCROTUS nominations: The nominee would have to promise to ignore stare decisis and overturn Marbury v. Madison.

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