At least 45 dead in the Northeast in wake of Hurricane Ida – IOTW Report

At least 45 dead in the Northeast in wake of Hurricane Ida

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The death toll in the Northeast reached 45 on Thursday following the remnants of Hurricane Ida hitting the coast.

Those who were killed ranged geographically from Maryland to Connecticut, the Associated Press reported. At least 12 of those dead were in New York City, with 11 dying in flooded basement apartments and one in a car. MORE

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  1. I read that some people died in basement apartments. Just how long do you wait before mother nature/common sense yells at you its time to get out and go upwards??

  2. I’ll take fire any day over flooding, this is why I live far above sea level. With fire, disease is burned up, floods breed disease so they get a double whammy. Let’s see how DeBlasio screws this up, I hope he’s wading in hip deep $hit.

  3. God Bless those who mourn their dead today, they need our prayers, not our insults for those they have lost.

    As for the two police officers, that’s a pretty common thing to happen when you’re young and immortal and focused on saving others and forget to respect that the forces of nature don’t give you a pass just because you have flashing lights. Swift, shallow water is VERY hard to judge the depth of, and pulling out into in in something mounted on air-filled tires is simply inviting disaster. Water is uncompressable and unforgiving. Once it breaks you loose, you’re going where the water’s going, ams you’ll probably be rolled over several times in the process.

    It’s tough to convince young emergency equipment drivers that their rigs are not special. Not only is it different then their daily driver just because its a different vehicle, they can ve heavier, more awkward, have things hanging off of them, be TOP heavy so they roll EASIER, may have a different relationship between the driver and the front wheels (many fire engines have the driver in FRONT of the wheels which makes a HUGE difference about when you turn to not hit curbs, as the guys in the jump seats will be SURE to remind you when you screw it up), or COMPLETELY different physics in extreme cases (NEVER ask a laddar truck tillerman to parallel park after a duty shift if you care about any of the cars and people involved).

    Plus, emergency response gives you tunnel vision. You’re focusing on the emergency you’re going TO, and kind of NOT on the boring part about getting there. Depending on the circumstances, this may cause you to ignore little things like traffic laws, and bigger things like swiftwater floods across streets you don’t normally expect to flood. It was probably QUITE dark too, nothing to light the way but headlights and disorienting flashing lights, so you may not even SEE it until it’s too late.

    Emergency drivers do need to exercise due caution, though. You’re NOT helping ANYONE if you get yourself or someone else killed on the way there.

    As far as the basement folk go, I lived in a district where basement bedrooms were illegal because it was too easy to get trapped in an emergency. I don’t know anything about Central Park, but I have to believe that basememts having flash floods around it is NOT very usual, so people in basements didn’t know what a flash flood WAS, let alone how quick they can inudate. Again, too, power’s probably out, and no one’s outside telling you the creek’s rising, and by the time it dawns on you that you’re in trouble, you could be too disoriented in the dark to find the limited exits available to you before you’re dead.

    Give them a break. If they’re stupid, they sure paid for it.

    …but could be, they were just old…

    Dear Lord, we come before You today in celebration of those who are now admitted to Your Presence, but in sadness for those who they had to leave behind for a little while. Please touch those who mourn today, give them the strength to do what needs to be done and to carry on afterwards, the wisdom to use this to draw closer to You, and the Blessed Assurance that those separated by sight are with You, and that all may have a joyous reunion by and by if only they turn to You in their need. This is a heavy burden to bear but You are both mighty and merciful, so we come to You in prayer as You command us that you may grant these peace and joy even through their tears, that they may continue and grow as You would have them.

    And we ask it all in the precious name of the Savior Jesus,

    God Bless,

  4. My son rented a basement apartment for one year in college. I was always fearful that he would be trapped by a fire, because this room was in a home, and the windows were too small to get through in case of an emergency. So glad when he moved out.
    I actively prayed for his safety that year, especially.

  5. I wonder if filling rescue vehicles tires with water, or something much heavier than air would help them to be more able to drive where needed.


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