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 ATF Rule Change Creates a Trap for the Unwary

Arizona Sun Times

On Friday, the 31st anniversary of the massacre of Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas, the ATF issued new regulations that make it more difficult to comply with federal laws regulating gun dealing and background checks.

Since the 1930s, federal law has required gun dealers to be registered as Federal Firearms Licensees (FFL). The requirements hinged on the meaning of “engaged in the business of” gun dealing. This language has always been ambiguous, and there has never been (even after the announcement of the new rules) a true “bright line” that distinguishes when one graduates from selling a few guns from one’s personal collection into full-fledged gun dealing.

The law previously required the primary purpose of sales to be “livelihood and profit.” The new rules reduce the requirements to seeking profit alone, tracking the a congressional amendment to existing law in 2022. The changes are more extensive than the legislative guidance, though, by stating that selling guns in the original packaging or shortly after purchase create a rebuttable presumption of being “engaged in the business.”

The potential risk is substantial, as violations are felonies. more

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  1. HOW THE FUKC DOES THE AFT MAKE LAW!? Isn’t that the yob of congress? I am sick and tired of this whole UNCONSTITUTIONAL gubmint bull shiite!

  2. @Sippin’ Covfefe:

    Another alphabet department that has outlived its usefulness

    When was it ever useful in the first place?
    Alcohol? Prohibition was repealed.
    Tobacco? Normal tax administrative area.
    Firearms? “Shall not be infringed”

  3. Unkle Al,
    I was just thinking the same thing.
    When was the BATFEces ever useful to We, The People?

  4. “It’s only a bit more than four hundred pages of the new regulation”

    Sound familiar? Overwhelm the system. There’s a small Brick and Mortar store around the corner from me. He suspended sales until he knows he’s not breaking the “non laws”.

  5. Remember the ‘good old days’ when life was simple, for the most part, honesty prevailed, commies had little to NO say and the general population could control their government by simply voting???

  6. Janet Reno, that great shaking beauty, sent those ATF thugs into the BD compound to murder 80+ innocents.

    I think she’s in a very hot place now. Good enough for her. But how do ATF thugs sleep at night? What they did was right out of Stalin’s playbook.

    Reno’s thought processes probably went something like this: One death is a tragedy…80+ murders is a mere statistic.

    The Fed gov’t is full of pervs and queers, and now they’re in the military and other semi-military organizations. They’ll think nothing of shooting to death religious/conservative white male heteros. We’re the enemy, they think. Their biggest target right now is President Donald Trump.

  7. Bullshit! Davidian David Koresh had this all planned out to go out in a blaze of nutcase glory.
    Had stock piles of fuel all over the compound. He wasn’t going to be taken alive nor were any of his followers, that was his plan.

  8. @Anon

    You are a dick brain. The ATF could have just left them alone, instead of harassing them, which went on for long while before the deadly attack. IF I was being threatened by the Feds I would stock up on ammunition also.

    You have been reading garbage from tainted sources.

    What good thing came out of the cremation of the BD followers? Only this: a realization that the fed gov’t doesn’t care if Americans who oppose it live or die, in fact, they’d rather see Americans dead that challenge it in any way.

  9. Reading garbage, dipstick I watch this on live TV moron. See no matter how some LOSER asses want to change history you can NOT!
    Cult all day long, just like Jim Jones.

  10. Be left alone? Like a lot of the homeless population of today?
    You fail to understand EVERYONE has to follow laws. So Abbott & DeSanctus Fucks up real Americans who are homeless by shipping FUCKING illegal immigrants all over America, GO FUCK YOURSELF.

  11. You & poeple like you will see America’s answer to the SHITHOLE you have caused. Be prepared you won’t like the answer. You only made matters worse. You lost the last leg you were standing on.
    Believe your lying jackass he doesn’t matter much anymore, support the big lie for thats all CULT members know. Lie lie lie & when all else fails you lie more.

  12. @Anon

    Get your news from TV? No wonder your brain is a mess.

    And this from Anon: Abbott & DeSanctus Fucks up real Americans who are homeless by shipping FUCKING illegal immigrants all over America.

    Only a very confused and diseased brain would fault Abbott and DeSantis for the invasion of illegals across our borders.


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