Atlanta neighborhood moves to secede as crime spikes


Amid a citywide spike in murders of 80%, Atlanta’s richest neighborhood is moving to secede and set up its own police force.

Residents of the neighborhood of Buckhead have established the Buckhead Exploratory Committee to break away as crime across all categories surges in the wake of 200 officers leaving the Atlanta police force after the shooting death of a black man by a white officer in June, reported

Home surveillance footage in Buckhead, dubbed the “Beverly Hills of the South,” in recent months has captured a man running to reach the safety of his house as a car pulled up with a man brandishing a rifle. One woman was thrown to the ground on her driveway and held at gunpoint as robbers took her purse and cellphone. A 7-year-old girl was shot in the head and killed during a Christmas shopping trip with her family.

In December, Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms admitted she doesn’t know how to stop the wave of violence and is “open to suggestions.” more here

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  1. More like becoming their own independent city than seceding.

    Might be able to, but I wouldn’t put high odds on them pulling it off. Since it’s one of the rich areas, the city probably won’t let go of their tax revenue easily.

  2. Can’t lose those taxes.
    We’re all sposed to be equal – so the rich can be raped, robbed, and killed just like the poor.

    Self-defense is an OBLIGATION – even moreso than a RIGHT.

    The more trash killed in perpetration of crime – the better off society.

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. Segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever! 1963. Rather than simply ending and legally forbidding segregation and inequality of treatment based on race we have ‘accommodated’ certain races as though they can’t take care of their own laundry. This is the most blatant form of white supremacy as the leadership espousing this ideology is nearly all elder white people. The black leaders who espouse the ideology are just race hustling grifters doing what grifters do best.

    Truth is truth, though at this juncture to speak truth is to be in jeopardy of vicious retaliation by the adherents of the current pseudo reality.

  4. Fire districts are frequently formed and cross jurisdictional boundaries. I’m thinking policing Districts should be formed and neighborhoods could form their own or in conjunction with other like minded people. The next step is to allow them to seek prosecution under any DA in the State.

  5. …we have neighborhoods like that too, where the elite ruling class retreat to after a full half-day of fucking up all of the peasant class’ boring, ordinary lives.

    The one on the East side has its own police force, every estate is gated, and also most of the roads are “private”, so it’s illegal to even drive PAST most folks’ mansions. One time a Democrat Congess candidate held people at AR-15 point for daring to go through his garbage, and they arrested the garbage pickers and NOT the (pro gun control) Democrat. The media has scrubbed most references at this point, but I found this;

    And back when Boener was speaker, I referred to him as the West Chester Weezer because of his known crying habit, but also because they built up a whole nice, new area a comfortable distance away from any urban areas between Cincinnati and Dayton just to be a ruling class retreat, again well-gated and well-armed, and ain’t no stand-down orders for the cops there, neither.

    They keep the gun and club close to hand in such places, but since the media moguls live there too, you never hear about how they vigorous enforce the laws against any serfs who aren’t there to clean and do yard work, nor do you hear about how White they tend to be. The very few times there IS an incursion, such as when federal democrat judge and Occupy Wall Street enabler Susan Dlott and her theiving disbarred lawyer husband Stan Chessly got kicked down the stairs by some Obama Sons, you better BELIVE the fist of the Law smited them with very publuc fury as a warning to others…

    …so I would expect this to succeed, and for the walls to go up quickly, and fir dindus to be expelled expeditiously.

    And then you’ll never see another thing about what the police do to minority invaders in there ever again, because the media will see to it…

  6. Spent most of my youth in the 50s and 60s right down the road from Buckhead in what is now called Brookhaven. What a change. I wouldn’t go anywhere in Atlanta after dark nowadays and would be fully armed in daylight hours. I live an hour south of Atlanta now and don’t go north for anything … ever.

  7. Time to arm up and start mutual aid societies.
    “Hey Paul, I’m on my way home, be there to the house in about 5 minutes. Be a good neighbor and step outside your door with your rifle & cover me as I get outta my car”
    “Sure thing, Matt. See ya in five”

    THAT’S how ya do it! ANd for those that don’t want to participate, those ya charge extra for armed protection.

  8. Back in the ‘90’s, West Seattle wanted to drop out of the city of Seattle and form its own city. It would have made one of Washington’s ten largest cities. The Dems in the State Legislature passed a law that made it so the voters in the entire city would have to approve it for any part of a city to drop out.

  9. Here is a suggestion for you Ms Bottoms, try enforcing the law on your residents…

    Now that the most violent elements of our society get a race based pass on prosecution the good folks of Buckhead are nothing but prey…

  10. When you have the mayor of one of the largest cities in the country saying she doesn’t know how to stop a crime wave and is “open for suggestions,” there is serious incompetence in action.
    Neighboring community Sandy Springs was paying 60% of the taxes for all of Fulton County and yet getting only about 15% of the services funded in the Sandy Springs area. There is definitely enough money in Buckhead to push incorporation through and have major influence in the Atlanta legislature for it to be voted on. The statistical increase in crime from last year to this year is really incredible for that Buckhead area.

  11. Doesn’t know how to deal with the soaring crime rate? Simple – public executions for violent offenders. While certainly not a guarantee to end criminal behavior, it is a damn effective way to stop repeat offenders.

  12. I see lots of million dollar homes in Buckhead with BLM signs on the lawns. Translation: “Dear Negroes, Please don’t burn my house down.”


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