Australian TV Feminist Quits Work to Become Homemaker

DANGEROUS: Studio 10’s host Jessica Rowe tendered her resignation live on Australian television last week.

The virulent feminist will leave the rat race to return home after having a breakthrough realization that her family “need their mum.”

you tube screenshot reported Rowe made her “difficult” decision after Studio 10 offered a new contract.

“Ten have been really supportive of me and my need to step back. Even as late as last week, they gave me a new proposal with reduced hours, but ultimately, after discussing it again with the family, I decided that [my daughters] Allegra and Giselle came first at this time.

“Simple as that. I’ve had incredible support from people right across the TV industry today, and that means the world to me.”

Rowe has assured the public she will continue to be present in her web series called ‘Crap Housewife’ where she blogs about things like “some super cool 60-year-olds” wearing mini-skirts and answers queries of insecure woman seeking advice on manipulating their boyfriends to get rid of their pets. She will also be doing some public speaking regarding mental instability.

you tube screenshot

Rowe is best known as the “barrel of laughs” on Australian TV whose commentary earned her a bulldozing from MILO.  more here


10 Comments on Australian TV Feminist Quits Work to Become Homemaker

  1. “She will also be doing some public speaking regarding mental instability.”

    I DON’T doubt it… 😳

    Hope she’s ready for that “TRAITOR” screech from the other feminazis!

  2. OMG!!!!!

    A mother realizes she needs to be a mother.

    Leftists response: Stop the world, I want to get off.

  3. Allegra? Isn’t that an allergy drug?

    OK, no accounting for how people name their children, anymore.

    What does she want, a parade? A national day named after her? Being an at-home mom. What a novel idea. I hope she takes it seriously and doesn’t make it all about her.

  4. Two daughters? He must have gone into the bathroom with a Playboy magazine and come out and thrown a loaded turkey baster at her from across the room.

  5. In other news, husband was caught schtupping the cabana boy… the real reason she decided to step up and play wifey

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