Avenatti lashes out at journalists

Daily Caller:

Avenatti Threatened Another Journalist.

Stormy Daniels’ infamous attorney Michael Avenatti apparently threatened another reporter and publication with a lawsuit, this time targeting Law and Crime for running a piece analyzing his appearance at a court hearing in April.

The news was disclosed Wednesday evening in a piece by Rachel Stockman describing Avenatti’s pattern of aggressively attacking reporters and outlets who scrutinize his professional conduct.

Stockman alleges that “after the publication of our April 26 article that Avenatti deemed ‘unfair’  and ‘complete bullshit,’ Avenatti threatened to sue our reporter, Colin Kalmbacher, personally and then our publication — and then whoever ‘edited’ the article as well.”

Beyond his legal threat, Stockman said that Avenatti also threatened to badmouth the reporter responsible for the piece during his upcoming appearance on “The View.”

According to Stockman, Avenatti has “threatened to ‘cut off’ certain networks and print publications for coverage that was unfavorable to him personally.”  more here

10 Comments on Avenatti lashes out at journalists

  1. Oh……..wow……badmouth a reporter on The View….make him trembling in his boots……

    Poor poor Avenatti, all butthurt, because he’s getting the wrong kind of attention. When you behave a certain way, you get a certain type of attention.
    Here, let me do thus, just for you. I’ll give you some sympathy, if I can find it.
    Nope………not here……..none there…..
    Sorry, must have left all my sympathy in my other pants pockets.

  2. Stay classy, Laddie. Oh, you want to be more infamous than Gloria – go for it scumbag!

    Where do these a-holes come from? Ah, the legal system designed by Ted Kennedy and powered by George Soros.

    Still haven’t met a lawyer or reporter I could trust.

  3. Someone should send him a Phillips head and some lock tight. Boy seems to have a few loose ones.

  4. More often than not, these stories end up with a naked lawyer and an associate of some kind cavorting in a public fountain at 3AM.

  5. It’s like David Hogg grew up and went to law school. Your fifteen minutes is almost up, Avenatti. Go write your book now.

  6. Michael Avenatti,
    well dumbass, you shouldn’t have started throwing rocks when you damn well knew you lived in a glass house. You deserve all the crap that’s coming your way.


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