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Bad JOKE FridAY!!

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  1. Remembered one.

    What do you call a “Native American” hitch-hiking in mid September?

    Indian thumb-er.

    A priest, a minister and a rabbit walk into a bar. The bartender looks at the rabbit and says “What are you doing here?” The rabbit answers, Don’t ask me, ask the Auto-correct.”

  2. Okay, the coffee is starting to kick in.

    A young college student wrote the following to his father asking for some much needed funds:
    “No mon, no fun, your son.”

    To which his father replied:
    “Too bad, so sad, your Dad.”

    Out in the old West, a traveler came to a fork in the road with a sign that said which way to go depending on your destination.
    At the bottom of the sign someone had added “If you can’t read, ask the Blacksmith.”

    Sorry, they’re not going to get any better.

    The Flat Earth Society has chapters all around the Globe.

  3. True story.

    A profligate young English fellow around the middle of the 19th Century asked for a meeting with his wealthy father.

    His father was very disappointed in his son, who had racked up thousands of pounds in gambling debts, among other debts and expenses.

    The father informed his son that he had changed his will, and was leaving his son only one pound.

    The son said: Sir, may I have that pound today?

  4. Two Astronauts are chilling on the space station when one turns to the other and says, “I can’t find any milk for my coffee.”

    The second astronaut replies, “In space no one can here use cream.”

    From Space Jokes

  5. Cannibal jokes are my favorite, here’s a sampling. Why are cannibal so angry? They’re fed up with people. What did Spartacus do to the cannibal who ate his wife? Nothing, he’s gladiator. I went to a cannibal restaurant last night. It cost $50 dollars a head. What’s a cannibal’s favorite game? Swallow the leader. Do cannibal’s eat ramen? Or do they cook them first. What did the cannibal choose as his last meal? Five Guys. What do cannibal’s drink in the morning? A cup of Joe. What’s a cannibal’s favorite snack? A knuckle sandwich. And finally, Cannibal is an ate letter word.


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