‘Barrier-breaking’ or ’embarrassing’? First NFL male cheerleaders spark debate


After two National Football League (NFL) teams introduced male dancers to their cheerleading squads promoting gender equality, fans have responded with a mixed reaction online – with some seeing the move as “embarrassing.”

Earlier this year, the Los Angeles Rams and New Orleans Saints announced that their cheerleading teams would include male dancers, triggering a debate on social media, with many users questioning the idea of having men on the sidelines.

Two male dancers, Napoleon Jinnies and Quinton Peron, joined the Rams’ squad, while Jesse Hernandez became a member of the Saints Saintsations.

Hernandez made his debut for the team in the middle of August, taking to the field during the New Orleans preseason game against the Arizona Cardinals.

The introduction of male dancers was met with mixed reactions from fans – with many NFL supporters lambasting the league for the decision, which they found to be “embarrassing” and even “insulting.”  more

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  1. This reminds me, while watching Boston College v Wake Forest last night, the announcer blurted out, “wow, that was a huge sack on him”!

    I bet there won’t be any such celebratory remarks as pertains to the nancies on the sidelines.

  2. Not a problem for me i dropped the nfl like a hot rock from my I give a frick about list a couple of years ago when the nik spokesman took a knee during the national anthem.

  3. The NFL wishes this would spark a debate.

    I’ve heard before about going to a fight and a hockey match breaking out but I’ve never heard of going to a football game and it turning into a drag race.

  4. At the college level, e.g. at FSU basketball, there are male cheerleaders, who lift up the little 4’10” girl cheerleaders. Have to be strong to hold up a gal over your head balanced on one hand.

  5. Looked at the link, sigh, the guys are wearing too many clothes.

    What good is a cheerleader without chest and butt cheeks hanging out?

    What good is jiggling it all about without the possibility of wardrobe failure?

    If it was up to me I’d get the Chippendales.

    Do I hafta think of everything? sheesh!

  6. I can hear it now: Back in my day, yea back in the days when I walked through snow, uphill both ways, to get to school, “when we talked about The Packers we were talking about a NFL football team from Green Bay Wisconsin…

  7. Didnt teams in the 1940s and 50s have cheerleading teams of girls and boys?

    I didnt think anything of it. I wouldn’t today if there were no obvious pansies.

    Doesn’t matter as we dont watch football around here.

  8. First NFL “gay” male cheerleaders spark raucous laughter by normal people not controlled by PC socialist manipulation.

    Yeah, fixed it.

  9. They say: A picture is worth a thousand words…. that picture at the top of the story pretty much exhausts this subject

  10. I don’t care. I haven’t been to a NFL game in a few years, but when I did go I didn’t watch the cheerleaders.

    Besides, at the professional level these groups are no so much cheerleaders as professional dance squads. If they want to have males and females on their dance squads, I say fine with me. I bought a ticket for a sporting contest, and that’s really about all I’m interested in.

  11. Midgets.

    We need to bitch and moan until they have midgets on the sideline……

    screw that. I want an ALL MIDGET NFL.

    Think of it. Entire teams of midgets. Midget coaches and refs…. damn.
    I’d actually watch that.

  12. Two male POLE dancers, Napoleon Jinnies and Quinton Peron, joined the RAMS’ squad,…..

    I bet that is not all they “joined” with…

    Look for the gay porno’s to begin “coming” out about how these awesome snowflakes convert the “straights” in the locker room with progressive sex as they follow stormy daniels path to fame, fortune, and STD’s.


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