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Bay Area companies paying employees to protest Trump

CA Political Review: While many conservative claims about paid protesters demonstrating against President Trump have been met with skepticism and dismissal — in the Bay Area — some of them might actually be getting money for being there.

Companies in the region are increasingly offering their employees paid time off to participate in protests, marches and other demonstrations as part of civic engagement policies.

“Democracy is a participatory institution; it’s not just something that takes place every four years when you have a candidate in a race,” Adam Kleinberg, CEO of San Francisco ad firm Traction, told the San Francisco Chronicle.

The company gives its workers two paid “Days of Action” per year.

SNIP: See who else is involved, here

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  1. This is perfectly appropriate.
    Any “ad firm” is a propaganda outlet, and should have its people out annoying those who work for a living. I’d like to see them offer 365 paid “days of action” per year (regardless of where the employees desire to “protest”).

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. Don’t forget Planned Parenthood. A recent townhall meeting here had dozens of pink shirt clad PP employees, who we confirmed (by asking) were “on-the-clock”. Your tax dollars at work.

  3. I rest in the knowledge that it is only a matter of time before the entire West coast slips into the sea.

  4. I have nothing relevant to add to this conversation other than I laugh every time you post that woman’s picture. For some reason it hasn’t gotten old.

  5. 200,000 H1-B applications in 2017 alone. Presuming each one is for an actual job I would bet cash that half of those had actually not been first advertised for an American. Hell, I’d say less then half of them had first tried to find an American. My niece came into silicon valley on an H1B about 20 years or so ago (and the people she met turned her into a progressive lefty, thank you very much). After being laid off after a few years she quickly got another job with a similar firm because she knew some people. That firm closed down it’s San Jose location and she was one of the few survivors who was offered a job outside DC. I think by this time she got a green card. That company folded up about a year ago but because she had some friends in the industry is now working at NIH at a job that probably wasn’t externally advertised for. She a Project Manager but she’s never managed a project before. I’m sure she’ll do well as she does have all the individual skills that are needed and is a very bright woman.
    I’m not ratting my niece out because she’s a lefty now but just to show that there is no actually following of the H1B rules and they are just being flaunted by both government and private industry because they know there are no consequences. Are we sure that the NIH couldn’t find any Project Managers that happened to be American? Gezuz, I think even in the age of Trudeau the Younger we have tougher laws then this that are actually enforced.

  6. Every Single Leftist “Grassroots” campaign = 100% AstroTurf (it’s FAKE and Green)

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