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BBQ teaser at Yale ‘hunger’ strike

This is a great idea.
Same as what the Israelis did when Palestinian inmates went on a hunger strike in prison.

Patriot Retort:  

Holy BBQ! Someone at Yale has a sense of humor!

Yesterday, I wrote about the tag-team Hunger Strike going on at Yale University.

And this morning, I stumbled across this tweet:


I don’t know what’s more shocking to me. That Yale has Republicans or that someone at Yale has a sense of humor.

Who knew?

The guy who tweeted this out was hard-pressed to find the funny.

But I find it all manner of hilarious.

And sure, some of the replies came from folks just as angry as he.


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  1. msNBC Ari Melber shattered when stratified as Non-Essential Foreign Core Despondent and gets stuck hosting a Live broadcast while Andrea Mitchell dines on quebracho smoked Peacock wings.

  2. My late Mom said when I was born, in the hottest days of August, the hospital had no air conditioning – AC was not widespread yet. So it was open windows and fans – and lots of heat. There was minimal, and bland hospital food offered to new mothers.
    So she had to lay in the hospital bed, starving and uncomfortable, while the smoke from the BBQ restaurant across the street wafted into her hospital bay. She cussed at the nurses, begging them to get her an order from across the street. No dice. Doctor’s orders. You just have to suffer through it.
    She told me that story every birthday, and reminded me how I was trouble from day one.

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