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Beer for dogs? Yep.

But first, watch this: Found my dog DRUNK 🤣

h/t Brad.


Dog beer is a growing trend, and there are many new owners out there who may be wondering what it’s all about. Unlike beer for us, it has no alcohol in it, but it is still meant as a treat.

Busch Beer just announced a contest to find a four-legged “chief tasting officer” for its dog brew. The company launched the product last year in response to consumer demand.

Another company based out of Texas called Good Boy Dog Beer started brewing its product back in 2018. The co-founder is also a full-time bar owner and says it all started as a hobby. MORE HERE

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  1. I don’t know about beer but one of my brothers when he was a teenager once got his German Shepherd stoned once by giving her a few puffs off of his doobie. I don’t know who was dumber, my brother or the dog, it was probably my brother for getting the dog high.

  2. My Terrier dog wasn’t much of a beer drinker but during football season if the guys would pour some in her beer bowl she would lap it up post haste! But she preferred GIN AND TONIC you always had to keep that drink in you hand OR ELSE!

  3. Knew a guy who would drink half a bottle of beer and set the bottle on the floor, his bulldog would put his tongue down the neck tip his head back raising the bottle and finish it off.

  4. My very first very own dog,after I was married,was a Chesapeake Bay Retriever. When that dog was still young pup if I left a beer setting on the ground while I was washing my truck he’d grab the bottle by the neck and drain it. Never spill a drop. So, I named him Bud, short for Budweiser. A great dog and an excellent hunter.

  5. Dog beer tester, no wonder Busch and Budweiser Beer tastes like dog urine… least that’s what I’ve heard….I personally have never tasted dog urine. Honestly ! 🙂
    I drank Schmitt Beer @ $4.00 a case early in the 70’s. I always imagined it tasted like dog urine, but after 6 to 10 beers the taste went away.


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