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Before We Send Any More Money To Ukraine – Can We Find Out Where The Rest Of Our Cash Went?

AND Magazine– Back during the days of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, we gave our allies, the mujaheddin, a whole bunch of man-portable ground-to-air missiles called Stingers. They used them to great effect against the Russians.

They also sold a bunch of them on the black market. We then spent a great deal of time wandering all over the world, making deals with black-market arms dealers and buying back our own missiles so they would not be used to shoot down commercial airliners by terrorist groups. Needless to say, we paid top dollar to get the missiles back.

This is the way the world works. If you pass out money and weapons to people around the world you don’t always know in advance the ramifications. You can guarantee, however, that along the way some folks with less than honorable intentions will line their own pockets.

Which brings us to Zelensky and Ukraine. more here

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  1. How about we find out where the money went (not holdin my breath on that…) and let Europe deal with it’s own dirt. We have our own issues we are either ignoring or enhancing.


  2. Well, Zelensky pocketed $40 million and bought his wife some new tits. Beyond that it is anybody’s guess where the money went. I am thinking a lot of it made its way back to DC.

  3. UNIPARTY is protecting Hunter as it did Clinton in ’15 and ’16. When Mitch is dead, MAYBE, I say maybe, we will get a glimpse of the truth. If both Mitch and Thune die, or leave, we may actually get truth!
    Holding my breath, NOT!

  4. Never ending war, money maker for politicians world wide. Never end one before we move slowly into the next one. What ever happened to declaring a war that they pushed??? Well as long as they can get away with it, it won’t stop.

  5. No worries! Republican House can’t pass jack. Couldn’t agree on a order from McD’s. Since they have absolutely zero problem solving capabilities causing chaos is their best friend. Agree on a buget, just a fart in the wind.
    This was predicted, I see voters going to the polls to vote this nonsense out the fucking door in 2024.

  6. Has anyone noticed that all the problems our hard working and selfless politicians are diligently trying to solve were created by the politicians themselves or were manufactured (climate change) out of thin air by rent seeking parasites?

  7. As well, in early March, over 200 NATO personnel (including 2 generals) were killed when the Russians fired weapons at a NATO bunker. Apparently, the NATO/Ukrainians were so clueless that there were many cars/vehicles parked near the entrance which the Russians picked up with their surveillance cameras. This is all NATO based.


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