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Behind the curtain: Pro-life lobbyists

Revolver: Often as conservatives, we can be a bit self-righteous, perched atop our soapboxe. We criticize Dems for misleading their base and claim how deception runs rampant on the left. That’s not a lie, but let’s face it—similar issues plague our own ranks.

Sure, we taunt liberals as “sheep” for swallowing climate change narratives from so-called experts and lobbyists without doing their own deep dives. But can we honestly say we’re different? Do we question the groups, lobbyists, and experts aligned with our own beliefs? Maybe we’re not as gullible as the left, but let’s be real—our side isn’t entirely beyond reproach. The GOP filled with lying and scheming RINOs, and some of our lobbyists seem more driven by financial gain than principle.

Even those we consider to be doing the “Lord’s work” may have strings attached—it is Washington, DC,  after all. That’s the point President Trump was making when he was asked about the pro-life groups who are trashing and attacking him right now–maybe, just maybe, these groups have ulterior motives. more

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  1. What the article is talking about is something we have seen time and time again. Damn near all of the groups supposedly supporting our causes are taken over by self interested assholes. I’ve seen it on the local level and it is so easy to see right through them that it’s become expected. Among the very worst is the NRA_ILA. Don’t give them money, but support the NRA by giving only to their educational and competition efforts until this bullshit ends. Give Second Amendment money to Gun Owner’s of America or the Second Amendment Foundation


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