Berlin, Germany: Transwoman Gets Into Brawl After Assaulting Hijab-Wearing Woman

Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen! Who will win this fight in court – and in the court of public opinion?

Breitbart: A video showing a transwoman attacking a woman wearing a hijab in Berlin has gone viral with claims that the attacker also comes from a migrant background.

The video, which was uploaded to YouTube on January 11th and entitled “Culture Fight in Berlin -Transwoman against Arab”, is said to have originally been posted to social media platform Twitter under the hashtag “Kopftuch” — German for headscarf — according to the user who uploaded the video.

The video shows the transwoman shouting in a language that is not German and attempting to rip off the hijab of a Muslim woman walking away from them.

The transwoman is then confronted by a group of young men and they begin to brawl on the street. In a second clip, labelled “movie 2”, the transwoman berates a man inside a hair salon from the outside before eventually walking off.

According to German theologian David Berger, who runs the blog Philosophia Perennis, the transwoman is speaking Arabic in the video and likely comes from a Syrian, Lebanese, or Palestinian background. more here

18 Comments on Berlin, Germany: Transwoman Gets Into Brawl After Assaulting Hijab-Wearing Woman

  1. I’m sorry. A ‘transwoman’ is a dude that used to be woman? Or a woman that used to be a dude?
    I can no longer keep up with the potato head, plug and play private parts. I’m not trying to be obstinate. I am simply confused about the nomenclature of the clinically insane and the people in news and media who promote the mentally ill. They are all gaslighting us.

  2. Who has the highest social rank in moonbat society, an illegal alien trans or a mussie in hijab?

    It’s a toughie.

  3. I just re read my post and it confused me.
    A woman who used to be a man. Or a man who used to be a woman.

    I guess. I told you this issue and its nomenclature confuses me.

    I was to identify as a kangaroo. Because having a pouch would be handy for carrying stuff, because I can’t carry a purse because….it would further confuse me.

  4. I’m a transDemocrat?

    Nah. I was never that stupid. I wasn’t a Republican, but I didn’t vote for phony Jimmy Carter. Was 1976 the John Anderson 3rd Party year? That was my first election but it is unclear to me whether or not I participated. I don’t remember.

    I blame my old bong.

    It was a good friend back in the day. Perpetual forgetfulness became less than useful since those days.

  5. So if they don’t get their parts changed out they are still a man or a woman. (And always be how they were born)
    All they are is a cross dresser and really messed up.
    Most of them don’t have the guts or the money to lop it off or drill a new hole. They are all nuts or nut less.
    This is the press and the dems pushing this crap on us.
    It will end soon.
    Cross dressers is the real term for them.

  6. Hope this helps identifying the true sex of a tranny;

    Transgender “male” = Mentally ill, specifically – gender dysphoric individual, born genetically Female.

    Transgender “female” = Mentally ill, specifically – gender dysphoric individual, born genetically Male.

  7. Transsexuality is a mental condition that people volunteer for. There are so many changes to accomplish on so many levels, I doubt if this will ever be accomplished by humans.


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