Bernie & Cortez: Student Loan Experts

Bernie Sanders wants to unload debt onto taxpayers, and naturally, Ocasio-Cortez wants her debt canceled, too.

Carney: Bernie Sanders’ Plan Will Make the College Debt Problem Worse.

Senator Bernie Sanders released a bill Monday that would cancel all outstanding student debt. But it does little to stop the student debt problem from arising once again–and may even make it worse.

The Sanders bill would cancel all of the roughly $1.5 trillion in student debt for 44 million Americans, including debt owed by wealthy individuals, debt owed to private lenders, and debt owed to the federal government’s loan programs. It would also attempt to make college education at state schools free to students, paid for by a combination of state and federal spending.

By Senator Sanders’ estimate, the bill would cost approximately $2.2 trillion. But the cost could eventually be much higher because the bill largely leaves in place the current system of federal student lending, which means the next generation of college students could once again build up unsustainable levels of debt.

And that, in turn, will invite another round of debt forgiveness.

Sanders plan does not actually cancel college debt. It shifts the burden from former students to taxpayers. And going forward, far from canceling student debt, it lets current and future students continue to rack up debt–but now with the expectation that those loans will not have to be repaid because another round of forgiveness is likely in the offing. It does nothing to force colleges to hold down the cost of education to levels that students can be expected to repay in the future. MORE HERE


Ocasio-Cortez Wants Debt Canceled Because ‘I Have Student Loans Too’.


Or Else…

19 Comments on Bernie & Cortez: Student Loan Experts

  1. 45,000,000 stupid people stupidly swallowed the lie that going to college would make them less stupid. On top of that, they stupidly signed up for loans only the stupid would think they could easily pay off. Now the stupid Dem pols aim to buy the votes of those 45,000,000 stupids, and stupidly believe they can make me pay for it.

    I’m not stupid, you stupid crooks.

  2. I paid my own way through art school.
    Do I get reimbursed?
    Because I could use that money to ease my waning years.
    Also I paid some car loans off and I no longer have those cars.
    Can I get reimbursed for those too?

  3. The Democrats are like Oprah on her Christmas show —-you get free healthcare , and you get loans paid, and you get reparations, and you get whatever else you want, It’s all free


  4. So, Rep Ilhan Omar, earning $175K/year, is being held back from pursuing her dreams by her student loans? Then she’s a moron for taking on the debt in the first place, as is AOC, who clearly learned nothing while “earning” her economics degree.

  5. Fed-Up: Speaking of 0prah. Remember the crying and anger when the gift recipients found out they had to claim them at tax time? They were PISSED! LOL!

  6. Student loans were, and are a choice. If you are set on going to college and want to borrow money to do so, you can voluntarily take out a student loan or not – it’s solely your decision.

    My car loan was also a choice – do I get that paid by taxpayers? My MasterCard is pretty much maxed out – can the taxpayers do something about that? Come to think of it, I would be much better off without that pesky mortgage; c’mon working stiff taxpayers – you owe me.

    Today’s IOTW theme seems to be bizzaro world. California citizens have to pay a health insurance mandate, but illegals do not. Democrats want open borders – come on in if you want with no strings attached. Democrats want to abolish ICE – if you are successful in getting in, you can collect your $200 without passing go or any repercussions at all. And now Sanders wants college students to be able to borrow money but send the bill to me.

    Time for me to practice gaming the new Democrat system. Me llamo Wyatt – mas’ dinero, por favor.

  7. The only thing holding back that b!tch Omar from her “dream” (of conquering America) is the Second Amendment and Americans willing to fight Sharia and Moslems in the streets.

    Go to Hell and take Talabia with you.

  8. Getting that sheepskin from the 16th grade should be free if it were priced based on its value. Not hurt in all of this is big EDU who peddle worthless degrees and indoctrination.

    I SMELL TRUMP LANDSLIDE. I couldn’t afford to finish college as it was a decision between a piece of paper and food, shelter and the stuff that matters. I’ll be damned if I pay for your Women’s Studies degree.

  9. AOC should get a refund for her college costs.

    And why stop at student loans? What about mortgages, credit card debt and auto loans?

  10. Add a poison pill: that the loan forgiveness will be classified as a gift which they must pay tax on.

  11. My father used to say, “How come there are so many more horses’ asses than there are horses?”

  12. Sure, recruited because she checked a lot of boxes by a democrat PAC and was appealing to the electorate. she gets a massive boost to her income + senate expense account, (who knows who living expenses are handled for senators), voted for a raise for herself, and now wants the very loans that help her increase her marketability erased by people earning less than her. FKN PERFECT!

  13. You are correct Wyatt. A fence jumping spic is a lot more lucrative profession than the one I chose.


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