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Bernie Sanders Demands Another Progressive Tax to Punish Corporations


Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) rolled out another aggressive tax proposal on Monday as he aims to address “income inequality” by taxing companies that demonstrate “large gaps between their CEO and median worker pay.”

Sanders is proposing to close the “income inequality” gap by punishing companies that have CEOs making 50 times more than the average employee via additional progressive corporate taxes.

“Americans are sick and tired of corporate CEOs making hundreds of times what their workers make,” Sanders tweeted.

“We say to corporate America: If you don’t end your greed and corruption, we will end it for you,” he added:

“Under the new Sanders plan, companies with large gaps between their CEO and median worker pay would see progressively higher corporate tax rates with the most unequal companies paying five percentage points more in corporate taxes,” Sanders’ plan states.

The plan does not just apply to CEOs. Rather, the ratio is based on whoever is the highest-paid employee at the company, and it penalizes them accordingly.

“You have CEOs making 500 or 1,000 times more than the median income worker — that’s a signal of a lot of what is wrong in this country,” Sanders told the Washington Post.

“We want to make clear that’s bad policy, and we will impose taxes on the most egregious examples,” he added. The plan states:

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  1. See, this is what makes America great. Bernie gets to say stuff like ‘being rich is evil, and I’m gonna tax the crap out of rich people’, and then we get to vote on whether we like his ideas. And he never becomes president. What a country!

  2. So when does this asshat get to make the rules? If I think the CEO of Apple makes too much money, then I can not buy Apple products. This dickhead who never held a real job needs to admit his ignorance and butt out.

  3. So a rich guy says he does not like rich guys is going to punish rich guys probably while exempting himself from that punishment, probably because he does not work for a corporation.

  4. Bernie got his fat ass thrown out of a commune when he was young because he was to lazy and wouldn’t pull the weeds or harvest the crops in the community garden. Now he still wants something for no effort. Fuck this clown.

  5. Hey fuck face
    If this you intension. Why not mandate that the difference be spread among the employees.
    Oh wait. That means you don’t get to control the money.

  6. you mean the difference between a Senator’s salary & the average American?
    you mean the difference between the average Government employee’s salary & the average American?

    or the benefits (including health care) between a Senator & the average American?
    or the health benefits of a Supreme Court Justice & the average American? (how many average Americans do you know that survived 3 different cancers?)

    yeah … didn’t think so

    (btw, to piss y’all of even more … we pay for their salaries & benefits … phucked up, ain’t it?)


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