Bernie Sanders to Wipe Out All $1.6 Trillion in Student Loans, Offer College Free

Democratic socialist presidential candidate Bernie Sanders says he’ll wipe out all $1.6 trillion in student loan debt, plus offer college and trade school for free. Won’t 45 million Americans who still owe for college just love Bernie’s plan?

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  1. And…I’m *sure* all those Marxist professors at these Universities will *gladly* keep working there FOR FREE…right?!

  2. Good, but what about those who actually struggled but managed to pay off on their own?
    Never mind.
    Reparations for them.

  3. I paid for my own college while working jobs for the first two years. I enlisted in the military and then married my girl friend after she got her teaching degree. I later paid for her classes to get her Masters. I paid for night school and finally got my BS. We had kids. I paid for her BS at the university and then the MS at another. I paid for my son’s BS.

    I am done paying for college. I have paid for 3 BS degrees and 2 MS degrees. I worked 21 years with 2 jobs. If you are dumb enough to borrow money for an education you failed the first lesson.

  4. “But wait! There’s more! Not just one, but two chickens in every pot! And if you act now, I’ll throw in the pot free! Just pay a separate fee.”

  5. Yep college for free. Watch how many lefties become professional life-time students. Why graduate and go to work when you can keep going back for free to get more and more degrees in African Cultural Studies, Gender Classification, Virtue Signaling, Marxism, Communist Political Science, White Privilege and every other garbage degree out there.

  6. Meanwhile Old Uncle Bernie will be selling cheap dorm rooms, handing out free sheets and a spatula to change ’em with!

  7. That’s so generous of Bernie! And I thought he was a worthless parasite. But if Bernie has $1.6 Trillion to give away, I expect to see all his uncensored tax returns.

  8. How’se gonna do dat?
    How does one “wipe out” $1.6 Trillion?
    How ya make dat disappear?
    How ya make college “free?”
    Outside of the fact that nothing is “free?”
    No such thing as “free” – so what’s he talkin about?

    C’mon, Bernie, spit it out! You and the rest of those lying succubi need a lesson in honesty.

    You know what “free” is worth? Nothing – absolutely nothing.
    A “free” education will be worth even less than that muddled shit they’re turning out now is worth! Scary thought.

    izlamo delenda est …

  9. What are the limits on professional students? At what point does the government say whoa?

    What are the liabilities of those that aquire debt or free education and don’t complete their degrees and or ultimately don’t use the degree that they trained in?

    Why should the government pay more for math classes at Harvard vs Indiana tech University?

    Why should we pay doctors, lawyers, and engineers et al enormous sums of money because their education was free?

    What are we going to do with the glut of college graduates with useless degrees?

    Now that free education is available for all… Are admissions going to be merit based or the results of bean pickers ie affirmative action?

    What about the schools that have lower graduation rates?
    Does the government continue to fund these?

    And once government is totally in the education finance business, how long before the government cuts payments and limits access?

  10. I paid every penny of the 28k
    for 2 years at ITT Tech with 8 frickin
    percent interest.Took 7 years to pay off
    and I started making payments the first day
    of school.

  11. I took out $33k, paid off $23k before graduation by holding 6 various jobs in college, and paid off the remaining $10k within the first year after graduating.

    It is possible to make payments on the debt you promised to pay.

    I haven’t worked in 11 years now and live debt free. My kids are gunna figure out how to pay their own debt too, cause daddy quit.

  12. What a fucking moron!
    If a college education is questionable now, what’s it going to be worth when it’s free?
    And let’s not even go into free medical care; I guess the freely educated doctors will be taking care of us.

  13. Kittens are free. Garbage is free. The first few hits of the dope are free. Even at garage sales everything has a price. And a garage sale is a clearance of unwanted items.

    Free… free… free… if it is free of cost it has no value… hmmm… ‘freedom isn’t free’… the tree of liberty?

  14. Bernie’s deal is for government-run, I.e., “public” colleges. I wonder what the admins at all the far-leftie private colleges have to say about Bernie’s threat to their little fiefdoms?

  15. Free college?!?!
    Ha HaHa HaHa Haaa
    What will we do with all those unemployed Red Diaper-Doper PHD professors with no real job skills outside of the university environment?
    I guess they could drive their Prius for Uber.

  16. This makes obvious the fact that College is only a social control device and they want to funnel young minds into it for indoctrination alone

  17. If the payments flowing to colleges from the government will be like the low Medicare payments to doctors, I think the colleges are not going to support this idea.

  18. Just with the Affordable Care Act, those who would vote for this “free college” will be stuck paying higher taxes thinking others should be paying.

  19. LOL -“this is why we can’t have nice things”. Actually it is why they can’t have nice things because they think someone else should bail them out when the going gets rough and they don’t get the concept of borrowing money and personal responsibility. And their eventual retirement crisis will be epic, they aren’t savers either and you think they’d really start saving if only they didn’t have a student loan to repay. Uh-huh.

  20. Remember that Bernie’s wife is involved in a scandal for defrauding the university she oversaw.

    As usual, this creates moral hazards. It encourages taking out more expensive, irresponsible loans since they’ll be forgiven. It harms more affordable universities. Encourages non-payment of existing loans. Punishes students who shopped around, played by the rules, paid their bills, got a job.

    Its the opposite of promoting accountability. Democrats said the government student loan takeover would MAKE money. Instead, you’re telling people who couldn’t afford college to bailout the privileged.

    It’s like giving better parking spaces and free charging stations to people who buy Teslas because Eco-conscious while you are forced to park your Corolla ten miles away and take a shuttle.

    Colleges should be forced to pledge recourse on these loans. If their degreees are worthless, they won’t bet their own money on it.

  21. Just distribute diplomas at random, though based on sex, race, “gender,” religion, ethnic origin, color, hair color, hair style, toothiness, nose-size, shape of head, uhh … whatever the requirements are that week.

    Say, for instance, all mouse-brown hair colored, female, non-gender-transitory, heterosexual, large-nosed women (not really the same as “female”) are randomly issued diplomas of a Bachelor of Science from a randomly-selected College or University while, simultaneously, all kinky black-headed, male, gender-transitioning (either way), homosexual men (not really the same as “male”) after a random selection receive a Bachelor of Arts!
    (these two are just examples, not exclusive … or inclusive)

    Don’t even have to have an actual, literal, College or University anymore!
    No silly perfessers having to come up with stupid shit every week or so, no staff, no campuses, no administration.

    What could be more “fair?”

    izlamo delenda est …

  22. When’s he coming after my home mortgage? Wait, I don’t have one. Guess I better remodel or upgrade. Don’t want to miss out. Retards.🥴


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