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Bernie Sanders’s Socialism Funds Massive Income Inequality

AT: The next time Bernie Sanders does a sit-down interview with a major news anchor, he should be asked one simple question: why don’t you ever mention the huge one-percenter salaries and pensions given to government bureaucrats who administer socialist programs?

After all, Bernie Sanders loves to rant against big corporations and Wall Street billionaires.  His solution is to grow government, create more bureaucracy, hire more bureaucrats, and secretly give more bonuses to socialist bureaucrats.  Today there are huge bonuses given to those who administer the hard-earned dollars of America’s middle class and poor workers.  While many are familiar with the $90,000 bonus given to the former TSA security chief, even after his TSA agents failed to detect 95% of the weapons and bombs brought through airports to test detection procedures last year, there are many people, mostly in education, who receive salaries so large they are difficult to believe.  MORE

6 Comments on Bernie Sanders’s Socialism Funds Massive Income Inequality

  1. If I have $20 and Bernie has a buck, I still have $20 and he has a buck. It’s as simple as that, what’s mine is mine and he and his minions can shove it if they try to take my $20 by force and leave me with nothing. Fair does not mean that they take my $20 to help some slob who won’t work to earn that $20. If I want to share $20 with someone that’s up to me and not the damned govt.

  2. 💩heads like him and Obama live the 1% lifestyle yet their retarded followers are too retarded to call them out on it.

  3. Another interesting question would be how he feel about even ordinary municipal employees pocketing huge pensions?

    This is a big issue in New York City, where the pension benefit relies more on an employee’s earnings for the three (3) years prior to retirement than on any other factor.

    So employees work practically around the clock for their last three years to fatten up their pension checks. In many cases, they work so much overtime that the overtime pay equals more than the base salary for the period. Then you have transit workers retiring on six-figure yearly pensions. Boo!

  4. I get Bernie. That’s why I voted for him in the Illinois primaries. 20 plus 1 is 21. Take it all, that’s the idea. DT didn’t need my vote.

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