Bernie Would Raise Taxes 11x More Than Trump Cut Them

He keeps saying he only wants to raise taxes on millionaires and billionaires. Has he paid any extra tax himself? You know, to set an example? Of course not.
What he will do, though, is raise taxes on everyone. Including the dirt poor.

Dan Bongino: The Bernie Sanders presidential tax plan it out, and contrary to his rhetoric that we can fund any social program so long as we tax “millionaires and billionaires,” it raises taxes across the board.

The Sanders plan increases the number of brackets from seven to nine, and increases the marginal tax rate on all levels of income. See MORE

9 Comments on Bernie Would Raise Taxes 11x More Than Trump Cut Them

  1. Bernie is the nominee. I’m saying that now. He might pick Yang. He might pick Warren. But he’s the dude.

    Hillary stole it from them. If the superdelegates try to steal it again, nobody is showing up to vote for whoever they pick.

    Trump should just start referring to it as Bernie Sanders’ party. Democrats were wrong to let him run again if they weren’t going to let him win if he won.

  2. Two times higher than Trump’s tax cuts? That ain’t much. What’s all this “eleven times” talk? You people don’t know your Roman numerals.

  3. LCD: Those polls are lies. Almost all polls are lies. They are for steering opinion not reflecting it.

    Bernie Sanders won last time. Clinton stole it. His base has lost no enthusiasm as evidenced. Now you have 15 people emulating variations of the genuine article.

    The genuine Commie article is there for the primary. He has the base. This isn’t Mondale or McGovern. It’s Eugene V. Debs and they are all onboard for what he was saying as long as it’s coming out of a non-old, non-white, non-male’s mouth.


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