Beto Live-Streams Getting his Ear Hair Cut: “It Can Be Nasty”

Bongino: Democrat Presidential candidate Robert “Beto” O’Rourke live-streamed getting his ear hair cut yesterday, telling viewers, “it can be nasty.”

In a desperate bid to appear relatable to voters, the former Texas congressman posted a live video from Chema’s Barber Shop in El Paso, TX.

“We’re cutting out some of this ear hair that you get when you get older,” O’Rourke said to the camera. “It grows out of your ears, and if you don’t get it cut, it can be nasty.”

This isn’t the first time O’Rourke has shared TMI with his social media followers.

In January, he filmed an up close and personal visit to the dentist where he discussed immigration and the border crisis with his dental hygienist.

See it all here


SNIP: There’s something seriously wrong with that boy.

17 Comments on Beto Live-Streams Getting his Ear Hair Cut: “It Can Be Nasty”

  1. Seriously, TRUMP is the one that is uncouth and embarrassing?!

    If we could re-do the November election today I suspect Beto would lose handily to Cruz. Even some of the Beto bumper stickers seem to be MIA.

  2. trimming his ear hair is just one more thing that little robbie can’t do for himself.
    Does his wife cut up his food for him at dinner?

  3. …maybe he’s shaving it so he can be the Man from Nantucket? Nah, he’s a beta male, too short…

  4. Another narcissist.

    Like Obola.
    Like Clinton (take your pick).
    Like Warren.
    Like Mittens.
    Like de Blasio.
    Like Klobuchar.
    Like Pelosi.
    Like Schumer.
    Like O’Cortez.
    Like Buttigieg.

    Like … well … maybe it’d be shorter the other way …

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. Different Tim
    MAY 16, 2019 AT 12:03 PM
    “When’s his proctology exam? I want to shut down my phone and computer that day.😀”

    …Democrats are more about sticking to to US, so if HE got elected, WE’D be the ones getting “proctology exams”…

  6. Like most of todays teens O’Rourke lives his life by posting his everyday events to followers. I guess they’re so self absorbed they think people give a flip what they do.

  7. Didn’t we just have to endure some idiot whining about her mustache? And some other idiot eating her salad with a comb? What is wrong with these people?

  8. Just like women, there are some things men want to do without an audience: shaving is a man-thing, the out of control hair things, putting on their shorts and/or pants. I get it.
    Now I feel sorry for his wife and family. What an idiot he is.


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