Beto Profanity Watch

Breitbart: ABC News Warns Democrat Presidential Candidates to ‘Avoid Expletives’ During 2020 Debate.

ABC News producers sent an email to Democrats ahead of Thursday’s 2020 Democrat presidential debate, warning candidates to avoid expletives.

Citing FCC guidelines for broadcast television, ABC sent guidance to 2020 Democrat candidates through the Democrat National Committee, according to two CNN reporters.

ABC News noted in the memo that the debate would be broadcast without a delay, which would not allow them to edit out foul language.

Former Texas Congressman Beto O’Rourke has received media attention for his use of the f’word in recent weeks to react to mass shootings and guns in America. more here

SNIP: But Trump has a foul mouth and acts ‘mentally retarded’???

10 Comments on Beto Profanity Watch

  1. aw, c’mon ya bunch of Debbie Downers … Beatoff’s potty-mouth utterances are my new drinking game! … don’t go spoiling it now!

  2. I’ll drink to that, ΜΟΛΩΝ!

    First, the Area 51 parties get cancelled. (I was hoping for some serious belly laughs there.) And now the networks want to sanitize the foul-mouthed Democrats. Where’s the fun in that? I demand entertainment as the ship sinks, dammit! Bring the orchestra out on deck and let it play!

  3. Considering the media attention Batshit Betto has gotten by acting like a ‘bad boy’ wannabe, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if the entire clown-car of demoncrats aren’t vying to out filth mouth each other, ‘don’tca know”.

  4. If a person cannot get their point across without profanity how can this person be thought of as one that can be trusted in a pressure situation?P.S. the lake last night was warmer the the air. Beeeaaauutifull! Swam to the white bouy. Nice.

  5. Frances is typical of the hyperactive kid in Junior High School who constantly disrupted the classroom with immature behavior. Unable to exhibit any self control or courtesy toward others, every word or action is to draw all of the attention to him. The behavior of a spoiled brat.

  6. He knows he gets a rise out of the crowd, because it’s unexpected, and he’s trying is best to be unusual, shocking, attention-getting, … Trump.

  7. Yeah, what a vulgar motherfucker.
    The fucking dick-twizzler should be able to make a fukkin sentence without cussin like some drunken redneck.

    Fuck him … and his horse.

    izlamo delenda est …

  8. Middle School Beto will probably show up wearing the “This is f–ked up” tee shirt which his campaign is selling.

  9. If he fucks up — will he be ousted?
    If he fucks up — will the others be trying not to smile?
    If he fucks up — will the moderators still follow the rules or will chaos reign?

    Can they follow their own rules… or are they only guidelines?


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