Beto Swalwell: Same losing ideas but with twice the arm flailing

Patriot Retort:

Last week Robert Francis O’Rourke decided to “reinvent” himself and “relaunch” his flailing arms campaign by rebranding himself Eric Swalwell II – or Beto Swalwell if you will.

Yup.  “Beto” decided the best way to goose his polling numbers is to crib from Swalwell’s anti-gun platform.

Because it worked so well for Eric Swalwell.

I don’t know who is advising Beto Swalwell, but whoever it is should probably not encourage his candidate to steal the platform from the very first 2020 Democrat to drop out of the race.

That seems self-evident.  Well, self-evident to anyone who isn’t Beto Swalwell.

18 Comments on Beto Swalwell: Same losing ideas but with twice the arm flailing

  1. This is why you don’t give up your guns EVER!
    Police found woman’s address after searching trash bags.
    When I brought this up the other day I couldn’t get one thumbs up.

  2. Not taking the pulse of America rather the pulse of twitter where radical leftists look far more influential and represented than they are in reality particularly when they censor anyone that doesn’t share their lunacy. Good luck with that mess they created.

  3. “Same losing ideas but with twice the arm flailing”

    …and 50% more “bs” (beto shit) from every orifice.

  4. Style your campaign after a loser and you will lose. Forward thinking does not appear to be his strong suit, or any thinking for that matter.

  5. Congress should pass a law (who am I kidding, Trump needs to pass an executive order) that forces all those that drop out of a Federal campaign for a nomination (Congress or the Presidency) to do a final public accounting of donations and expenses and whatever is left over goes to paying down the National Debt. If someone donated (and got the tax deduction) for Beto to run for President they shouldn’t get one for him to run for the Senate years later (or the Presidency again). If you want to be really fair I guess you could try to return the donations but any effort in either scenario would be paid for from the collected funds.


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