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Betting Site Posts Odds for Location of Next Classified Biden Docs Discovery

Site takes bets on whether classified documents will turn up on Metro, Buckingham Palace, Grand Canyon.

WFB: After the White House admitted this week that classified documents were kept at President Joe Biden’s Washington, D.C., offices and at his home in Wilmington, Del., one sportsbook is offering bettors a chance to place wagers on where Biden’s next document trove will be discovered.

Sports betting site Bovada is taking bets on 14 possible locations where a possible third batch of classified documents linked to Biden might be found. The most likely location, according to the site’s oddsmakers, is the Biden family’s holiday home in Rehoboth Beach, Del. But the site is taking bets on far more unlikely locations for classified documents to turn up, including the Washington, D.C., Metro, a private jet, and Disney World.

The site weighed in on the documents scandal after the White House on Monday revealed that classified documents were found at offices of the Penn Biden Center in D.C. Then, on Thursday, the administration confirmed that another set of classified documents was kept in the president’s garage at his home in Wilmington, after which Attorney General Merrick Garland announced he would appoint a special counsel to investigate the matter. more

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  1. its either gonna be in his 18 wheeler, the school bus he drove or the jail in south africa
    he really should be in jail- he was not authorized to possess a single classified document. Why are they playing ‘numbers games’ with this and not formally charging him. He had no right to have any such thing. What did he have that he passed along?
    They don’t let murderers walk around killing people until they get to some magic number, nor should a treasonous bastard be on the loose.
    and take the kakkler with him

  2. When all else fails, wash, rinse & repeat always works. Yawn, boring nothing will ever come of this. Anything the republican house attempts will be met with public out cry as a, what did he call it? A witch hunt.

  3. Will 0bama step up and say he declassified all the documents? Do the people who run Biden want him gone? Are the people who run Biden baiting the republicans into an ultimately unproductive and time wasting impeachment effort? What other activities may this be a cover for? FTX fix? Diversion from Ukraine corruption or Iran corruption or China corruption or EU corruption or more local corruption? The communists, sorry, democrats, never do anything by chance and this is most certainly not a chance happening. Biden undoubtedly has stacks of boxes of things he has no idea exist anymore, so this was an easy set up.

  4. Biden says he’s going to “carpet bomb” right-wing Americans. Sounds like he’s feeling some pressure and that’s not good for somebody in a bad state of health. Color me not concerned.

    In other news, Klaus and Soros have pulled out of the WEF conclave at Davos. Threats? Maybe their jets are tied up getting routine maintenance.


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