Biden Admin Plans To Raze Native American Religious Site To Benefit Foreign Mining Group – IOTW Report

Biden Admin Plans To Raze Native American Religious Site To Benefit Foreign Mining Group


Yesterday, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals heard oral arguments about whether the federal government has the right to destroy an Indian worship site so that a foreign group can mine copper — even as the Biden administration has shut down other drilling projects across the country.

The worship site is Oak Flat, a 2,200-acre tract of land in Arizona’s Tonto National Forest where members of the Apache Indian tribe have gone to worship and conduct religious ceremonies for centuries. While the federal government has protected the sacred site since the Eisenhower administration, in 2014, the government transferred the land to a foreign-owned mining company Resolution Copper, which plans to obliterate the site by creating a 1,000-foot crater, due to a large copper deposit 7,000 feet below Oak Flat’s surface. Such a crater will destroy Oak Flat forever, rendering the Apache’s religious practices obsolete, insist the locals who are fighting the development. MORE

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  1. Don’t Care.

    Honkies like me get blamed for everything even though we mind our own business, pay taxes, & just want to be left alone.

    So tough shit, you deserve what you get.
    (Turdeau screws over the native exactly the same way)

  2. Aussies and Brits? For good news not Chinese. For bad news, where did people think all the equipmemt (motors, transformers, wires) for their electric wet-dreams was going to come from?

  3. So the Feds gave National Forest land to this foreign-owned copper company in 2014? Let’s see…who was Vice President then? And will he get his 10% share of the copper when it’s extracted? Any congress members own shares of the copper company?

  4. Check out Oak Flat AZ on Google maps. Then scan just south and see a huge open pit mine. Looks like someone has already started. I wonder what these mines are doing to the ground water supply.

  5. that isn’t very ‘green,’ is it
    Buckminster Fuller said, sometime in the early/mid 60’s, that we keep mining copper, then we throw it away and bury it again. He calculated, albeit it without knowing about the coming computer age, that we as a civilization, and throughout history, had by that point already mined enough copper for our needs. But we keep mining it, then throwing it away.
    And it turns green as it oxidizes. Maybe that is the real green part of all this.
    Oh, yeah- I almost forgot- money is green. That is probably where the green part comes in.
    I’m probably going to ride with the Apaches on this one

  6. This reminds me of a Bugs Buuny cartoon. The Feds wanted Bugs to vacate his rabbit hole so they could build an Interstate Highway through. In the final scene it showed a tall dirt tower with Bug’s rabbit hole at top and the highway running along each side of it.

  7. Should be a non-issue because the Federal Government has no legal authority to own land in the first place.
    ht tps://,carrying%20out%20its%20enumerated%20powers.

  8. Time to go “Avatar” on the Gooberment’s and mining company’s greedy asses.

  9. @Marooned: How did the Injuns lose? They won! Here, they have casinos, large health care facilities, reservations for their housing, and THEY’RE A SOVEREIGN NATION, all paid for by the taxpayer. They actually are still getting reparations.


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