Biden Campaign Poised to Start Calling Opponent “Convicted Felon” – IOTW Report

Biden Campaign Poised to Start Calling Opponent “Convicted Felon”

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 With a verdict in Donald Trump’s hush money trial set to come as soon as next week, President Joe Biden’s campaign is exploring a shift to a new, more aggressive posture, according to two people familiar with the strategy. 

Regardless of the outcome, top Biden campaign officials plan to stress to voters that Trump will be on the ballot in the fall and that no potential court proceeding will change that fact. More

19 Comments on Biden Campaign Poised to Start Calling Opponent “Convicted Felon”

  1. Simply can not wait for the dem’s to start using “fellon” lable on Trump. They have been brilliantly successful so far in all there attempts to sully the man thus far, so it goes without saying that this too will be another spectacular success. Ya think?

  2. November 5th can’t get here soon enough. January 20th actually. I can’t take much more of this raging bullshit artist and his Allies in the bootlick media.

  3. I’ve read all the great comments above but feel you’re all missing something important. The coup is about to switch priorities from saving the coup to self preservation. All these bastards are guilty of treason. And they know it. Biden won’t be elected. Doubtful he’ll live that long. It’s going to be a long hot summer.Ammo up.

  4. There’s not a doubt in my mind the jury was going to find him guilty before they ever sat down. Reversal of the verdict will be a given, but it won’t be until after the election, which was the plan all along. PedoJoe will claim he won’t debate a ‘convicted felon’ and can avoid soiling himself.

  5. One can only hope that Brandon’s campaign keeps being stuck on stupid…..calling Trump a convicted felon will be as beneficial to him as having his Georgia booking photo on a tee shirt–it keeps the reminding the voters that Trump is being railroaded.
    It’s like the “fruit of the month club”–a gift that keeps on giving.

  6. Ya-hoo! My orange convicted felon man bad! Orange be bein’ da new black doncha know! Row dog be back! Fly me a kite an fold it up outta that paper you got from that book your sister sent you. You know the one. Sheeitt! Con-motherfucking-victed motherfucking felon!

    It a time of universal deceit truth is revolutionary. Rocky paraphrase there. But, if the criminal regime that stole the final vestige of my rights as an American (my vote) convicts a person of a political crime is that not evidence of that person’s absolute righteousness and probity in character?

    Can not that conviction be seen as an absolute endorsement of the individual as the perfect adversary to the criminal regime?

    Vote early, vote often (we know they cheat) and vote BIG ORANGE as though your life depends on it. Because it almost certainly does.

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