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Biden Declares Iran Nuclear Deal ‘Is Dead,’ But ‘We’re Not Gonna Announce It’

Valiant: In a newly unearthed video, Joe Biden appeared to declare that the Iran nuclear deal is “dead,” but that the administration would not announce it publicly.

The video, allegedly taken during a Democrat rally for the midterms in California on November 4, shows Biden talking to a woman who identifies herself as being Iranian. “President Biden, would you please announce that [the] JCPOA [Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action] is dead? Can you just announce that?” the woman asks Biden while shaking his hand.

“No,” Biden replied, adding that there were a “lot of reasons” why he wouldn’t go ahead with any announcement about the Iran nuclear deal. “It is dead, but we’re not gonna announce it. Long story, but we’re gonna make sure they…” he continued, before being cut off, seemingly oblivious to the fact that he had just declared publicly that it was dead.

“We just don’t want any deals with the mullahs. No deals! They don’t represent us, they’re not our government,” the woman replied. “Oh, I know they don’t represent you, but they’ll have a nuclear weapon that they’ll represent…” Biden quipped back, before the video ended. more

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  1. Biden’s new deal: Making Zelensky A billionaire with American taxpayer funds. He don’t need to deal with no I-ranians any more because there’s no kickback there.

    Not only is Biden illegitimate but he’s probably the most corrupt politician our country has ever seen.

  2. Can we even say the word retard now? Or has it become cognitively challenged. The left screws up the redefinition of perfectly good words in order to confuse gullible people that words have no meaning other than what they define it as. In the beginning there was the word, and the word was God. Since lefties don’t believe in God, they have deliberately taken away all meaning of everything and redefined words, so they have no meaning whatsoever. It’s no wonder people are confused since common sense and reason are no longer valid in defining words.

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