Biden Had the Opportunity to Denounce ‘Defund the Police.’ But He Says Something Disturbing and Unhinged Instead.


CBS News captured video of this brief but very bizarre and disturbing exchange between Joe Biden and a reporter.

The reporter asks Biden if any Democrats support defunding the police, after he insisted that none do. Which is an obvious lie, since Democrats did defund police in many cities and many Democrats in Congress continue to support defunding the police.


Joe Biden was given the chance to condemn the Democrat-run cities defunding the police around the country, but he refused. Instead, he bizarrely responds: “Are there people…who think we’re sucking the blood out of kids?”


SNIP: I don’t know, Joe. Is that what you think your boy Hunter has been doing? Is that why you said something so completely off the wall ?

19 Comments on Biden Had the Opportunity to Denounce ‘Defund the Police.’ But He Says Something Disturbing and Unhinged Instead.

  1. Dementia Joe is so far gone that he’s confusing defunding the police with Bram Stoker’s “Dracula”. Maybe he thought the question was if Dementiacrats want to “defang” the police. This is what happens when Dr. Jill goes missing, or he slips his leash when his handlers can’t get him back in the basement.

  2. …I think it’s an attempt at an anti-Semetic slur about the practice of a rabbi sucking blood from a circumcision wound…

    …but the neurosypillus has rotted the Pedo’s brain to the point where he can’t even finish his ethnic Insults properly…

    …but notice that it excused him from answering the question. There was and will be no follow up.

    …so I guess the gibberish served its purpose…

  3. …as if people saying “president Biden” and MEANING it isn’t disturbed and unhinged enough…

  4. Usually when someone is guilty of something, they make light of it with a dismissive, ridiculing statement hurled at their opponents, to make them out to be the kook. That he’s now mentioned it twice recently is the “tell.”

    It’s called Adrenochrome, isn’t it Joe?

  5. Demented Joe always says the unspoken hidden truth just like when he spilled the beans about amassing the largest voter fraud network. These are some sick sick MFers

  6. There is no good in Joe Biden. He will never be a reasonable or honest person. He will always treat other people like shit and talk to others as if they are nothing. The man is scum.

  7. Scott Adams thought it was clever. I notice Scott didn’t think the “Fine People” lie was very clever. This libel and that libel are one and the same to me.

    Honestly, the things which stick in Mad Joe’s mind, when compared to the things which don’t stick, are frightening.

  8. These 3.65 hour work days are just kicking the crap out of old Pedro Joe. He’s getting snippy and grumpier by the hour. Jonesing. Better crank up his dosage and shorten up the work day some more. There… that’s better, isn’t it?

  9. How long will it take the left to tell the emperor that he isn’t wearing any clothes? They are embarrassing themselves, and this is good for us. Carry on, Joe.

  10. Wild Bill
    JULY 24, 2021 AT 3:01 PM
    “And the worms ate into his brain…”

    +10 for the Pink Floyd reference…

  11. Apparently sniffing kids hair is a gateway drug……Joe’s thinking of moving on to the next level.


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