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Biden Loses Temper, Threatens Reporter at White House Party


Democrat President Joe Biden lost his temper and threatened a reporter during an event at the White House, video shows.

Biden was hosting an event with social media influencers when he appeared angered by questioning, even threatening to throw his phone across the room.

Independent journalist and social media darling Jonathan M. Katz was filing Biden while pressing him about his support for Israel during the war in Hamas-controlled Gaza.

Katz asked Biden what he would do to prevent the “genocide” that was taking place with American-funded weapons.

The president tried to sidestep the questions, claiming he was working to reduce casualties in Gaza.

However, when Katz pressed him on the issue, the president grew impatient.

24 Comments on Biden Loses Temper, Threatens Reporter at White House Party

  1. Due to the humanitarian aid Biden sends to HAMAS murderers and supporters, He should have responded, “At least they’ll die with a full belly, wanna see how far I can throw Israel under the Bus?
    Biden is a total failure in all areas.
    I Support ISRAEL.

  2. I support Israel 100%, bidumb about 0% or lower. My mom when she had Sundowner’s syndrome was totally batshit crazy in the year before she died in 2018, bidumb is worse if that’s possible and needs to be sent away to the funny farm and far away from America, as far as possible.

  3. I’d like to see every reporter go after Joey like that, try to get him angry and angrier. I want Joey foaming at the mouth and red in the face. I want to see his blood pressure skyrocket. I want to see Joey stroke out 🤯 live on national TV.

    Hey, does this comment make me look fat? 😎

  4. Something just occurred to me; Crooked Joe is supposed to debate Trump in a couple weeks (I still think he’ll weasel out of it). Since CNN is running this sham, they have everything set up their way. No audience, mikes cut off when the other is talking, no props. etc. Biden wanted to do the thing sitting down. Trump said absolutely not, they’ll stand for 1 1/2 hours. Even with Biden getting the questions in advance and the answers through a hidden ear piece, do you think he can make it that long without having to excuse himself to go take a shit? Or change his diaper?

  5. Dementia Joe is a narcissist at his dark evil core and he wanted to keep responding to the reporter – digging a deeper disastrous hole. Stopped in his tracks by his handlers.

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