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Biden Orders a Bacon Burger, Washington Post Wets Itself

PJM: When Presidentish Joe Biden stages a “surprise” burger order as part of a political ploy to boast about the economy, what’s a respected newspaper to do?

Gush like a schoolgirl, apparently.

In his official capacity as an elected official who can’t even order lunch without making it political, Biden called a new local restaurant to order a burger with a side of braggadocio. more here

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  1. He ordered a bacon cheese burger, american cheese and fries, but then they show Kamala eating the same meal….He fucked ghost burger out of a burger and fries…typical…

  2. On Tuesday night, I let it get too late before cooking something for dinner. I was hungry and remembered that my nearby Sonic Drive-In has half price cheeseburgers every Tuesday night. I drove there and bought two cheeseburgers with no mayo and heavy on the pickles. When I got home, I happened to glance at the receipt. There was a separate charge of $1.30 for ‘extra pickles’. I’m almost sixty-nine and that’s a first for me. I drove there today to inquire about the charge as I thought someone must have inadvertently pushed a wrong button. Nope! Starting about two weeks ago, the rat bastards at the Sonic Corporation thought it would be a good thing to charge extra for what they consider add-ons. I noticed that I didn’t receive credit for cutting the mayo, though. A freaking $1.30 for a couple of pickle slices on my burgers. LET’S GO BRANDON! One good thing is that I have eaten at Sonic for the last time and I’ll be better off in the long run.

  3. Dr. Hambone:

    In the restaurant bidness that’s what called “an up charge”

    Discovered them a few years ago at Cracker Barrel (upgrade those French fries to a baked potato and you’ll see what I mean).

    We used to call that paying extra – but it’s marketing like saying “preowned” about a used car.

  4. Dr. Hambone, Five Guys has a dozen “free” toppings…of course they charge 10 bucks for a burger.

    A Whopper comes with lettuce, tomato, onion, & pickles.

    In-N-Out slaps a big ole onion on your burger if you want it.
    Amazingly their prices haven’t gone up much even though they have a dozen employees busting their asses every time I go there.


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