Biden, Pelosi, and Schumer All Call for New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to Resign

Will he stay or will he go?

@ABC BREAKING: Asked if he stood by his March statement to @GStephanopoulos that Gov. Cuomo should resign if an investigation bolstered claims of sexual harassment, Pres. Biden says,
“I stand by that statement.”
“Are you now calling on him to resign?”

20 Comments on Biden, Pelosi, and Schumer All Call for New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to Resign

  1. Cuomo is on life support right now. Just a matter of time before they pull the plug.

    What say you Chris?

  2. They knew they couldn’t get rid of him via elderly murder charges, too lengthy of a trial and too expensive. So, the Dems found another way to get rid of him, sexual harassment charges. Too late now, the murders are more horrific than poking a female.

  3. Someone noted that Biden called on Northam to resign. And later did campaign events with him.

    One good thing is that NPR, CNN, NY Times, Yahoo are all covering the story.

  4. Virginia Governor Blackface was railed against and his resignation was demanded by Democrats.
    Guess who’s still Governor.

    Cuomo isn’t leaving. There will be some huffing and puffing. Virtue signaling out the wazoo.

    Then it will be over. Just watch.

  5. If Cuomo was doing what he’s been doing to children, would Joey be OK with that? What’s good for Joe is good for Cuomo?

  6. he’s done.
    only question to be answered now “is does cuomo know where all the dem bodies are buried?”

  7. @PHenry, yep on Gov. KKK but Justin Fairfax is an even better example, multiple sexual assault allegations, but he is still kicking.

    Hell, our own president sexually assaulted women, BFD, if he can be useful for the cause, he gets a pass.

  8. @rich

    Yep. How many times have we seen this play?

    Bill Clinton is finished.
    Ralph Northam is dead meat.
    Justin Fairfax’s goose is cooked.

    Hell, Ted Kennedy killed a girl but still became the presidential nominee.

    Sorry. Not buying it.

  9. they just want to ensure that he is too damaged to run for President. I guess they already have someone in mind.

  10. So the D’s and all of their power couldn’t run him off at the state level… Sooooo they whip out the National “D” card for removal… Of a State Governor? I’m crying foul also… doesn’t add up in its current form.

    God I Miss Limbaugh.

  11. @LuvnTheBigSites

    I agree.

    Especially about missing El Rushbo.
    The DC affiliate picked up Bongino. I like him but he can’t fill 15 hours. Richmond picked up Dana Loesch. She thinks right but is annoying personality wise. Fingernails on chalkboard.

    Yep. Missing old Rush.

    I’ll never forget the day that Kathryn Limbaugh announced his death. I was driving and had to pull over for a few minutes to weep and regain my composure.

    Somehow we need to get Mark Steyn to step up. I’m sure he’s been approached and it’s got to be a demanding job.

    But I needs me some steyn.

  12. Those three characters also have things to hide obviously seen in the often-used tactic of denouncing fellow criminals. This is especially true of the mega-corrupt (D-NY) Sen. Charles Schumer who was exposed as accepting money pay-outs from the Jeffrey Epstein pedophile ring since the 1990s.

  13. Guv is not going anywhere and they know it. Those calling for resignation are just doing a CYA maneuver so they can later say they tried… boo hoo, sniff… they tried.

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