Biden Regime Delays Release Of JFK Files ‘To Protect Against Identifiable Harm’ 58 Years After Assassination

National File:

The Biden White House has again delayed the release of long-classified documents related to the assassination of 35th President John F. Kennedy.

The push to release the files began during the Trump administration, when President Donald Trump released thousands of previously secret files related to the assassination. At the time, the White House claimed that the national archivist would need further time to complete a review to release additional documents. This review was then apparently stalled by the pandemic, and now Joe Biden has stalled the release further.

According to CBS News, the Biden regime is now saying that the national archivist still needs more time, and a statement attributed to Joe Biden decrees that the documents “shall be withheld from full public disclosure” until at least December 15 of next year. more here

30 Comments on Biden Regime Delays Release Of JFK Files ‘To Protect Against Identifiable Harm’ 58 Years After Assassination

  1. Just covering up for what the “intelligence agencies” did back in the day and are STILL doing NOW, nothing to see here, move along…

  2. I was 10 and in 5th grade when Kennedy was assassinated in Nov. 1963 and I still remember it like yesterday. The total truth will probably never be told until all of us who are old enough to remember Kennedy’s assassination are all dead and gone and even then it still may not be told. When Kennedy died was when America started it’s long road to the mess that we’re in now and it’s only gotten worse since 1968 in particular.

  3. There’s a few members of The Warren Commission and their staff still lingering around.

    Fun fact: Deceased commission member John McCloy who shared a box seat with Hitler and Goering at the ’36 Olympics advocated for warning Japan of the impending atomic bomb strike. Sounds eerily like a certain General named Milley doesn’t it?

  4. The stakes are extremely high at the federal political level and those involved will do anything to maintain their positions, even murder. Many Americans either don’t believe this or are oblivious to reality. Any experienced shooter knows that the supposed shots were made at that distance that quickly with that crap rifle is impossible. Even having been in junior high, I knew it even then. But, we all realize that many things involving politics just don’t add up most of the time.

  5. Vicious Sid
    OCTOBER 24, 2021 AT 9:41 AM
    “The stakes are extremely high at the federal political level and those involved will do anything to maintain their positions, even murder.”

    …or, in the case of the CURRENT illegitimate “government”, genocide…

  6. LBJ came up with the plan to off JFK and George Herbert Walker Bush was the mastermind and possibly the trigger man.

  7. Mob assassination. His daddy got him the job by using the mob. All of a sudden his brother goes after them, mob gets upset, handles their problems.
    LBJ was born a cheat, died a cheat.

  8. LBJ, Another democrat, was responsible.
    Killing their own president would be “bad optics
    ‘, even this many years later.

  9. MJA,
    Don’t forget that JFK wanted to end the Oil Depletion allowance as well as not getting involved in SE Asia after slugs like Hoover, his lover Tolson, Gov. John Connolly (yes, THAT John Connolly) as well as many others (Bush) had heavily invested in companies manufacturing weapons, military aircraft etc. They stood to lose millions if not more.

    JFK bonking Sam Giancana’s girlfriend probably didn’t help either…

  10. Isn’t that a few years after Joe started his political career? Maybe he was an insider to the cover up!
    Or maybe he can’t remember if he was and stalling just in case!

  11. Who is still alive NOW that benefited “Yugely” then and is not yet dead?

    I honestly have never had a huge interest in the topic as Mick Jagger essentially answered the question in “Sympathy For The Devil”

    You Killed your own.

  12. okay, work day is done. I will now have my say. FUCK YOU to the S-Word Poofer.

    Simply put, it was Fidel Castro’s comm u nist Cuba and the Soviet Russia KGB that murdered John Kennedy. But the USA will never admit it because while the Soviet Union is no more, Castro’s Co mmuni st government i still running Cuba. And any nation whose leader is murdered by another country MUST go to war against the other country. It is an Act Of WAR.

    Nothing was done back then because our leaders were pussies and didnt want an atomic war. But now? Against CUBA??? We could overrun that country in a week if not a couple days. The people would welcome us with open arms. But since the Biden* Admin is composed of a bunch of So Shill Ists, there is now way they’d reveal the Kennedy investigation findings and righteously attack the evil country that sponsored Kennedy’s murder.

    Lee Oswald was NOT far-right. He was far-Left. He was an ex-Marine who defected to the USSR, married some Russian broad named Marina, supposedly became disenchanted and moved back to the USA. Here, he was living in New Orleans, handing out far-left leaflets on Bourbon Street. He was part of the KGB/ Cuban conspiracy but he was a patsy, made to make the conspiracy appear so clownlike that no one would take seriously the fact that the USSAR & Cuba successfully murdered an American president.

  13. ha HA again. From now on I shall say So Shil List to describe the most evil political system ever devised by Mankind.

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