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Biden Says He Was Vice President During the Pandemic

PJM: “When I was Vice President, things were kinda bad during the pandemic,” is not a thing former Veep Mike Pence said on Sunday. “And what happened was, Barack said to me, ‘Go to Detroit! And help fix it!’ Well, poor Mayor [Duggan], he’s spent more time with me than he ever thought he’s gonna have to.”

No, that was Presidentish Joe Biden speaking in Detroit on Sunday about things that never happened because Donald Trump was president in 2020 when the plandemic was launched out of China. Barack Obama hadn’t been in the White House for almost four years, and Biden was the former veep running for his party’s presidential nomination.

Nobody sent Biden to Detroit to help with the pandemic, not that there’s anything he could have done. In fact, Biden was “busy,” such as it was, running a basement campaign and releasing staged videos that somehow weren’t that much worse than the one I just transcribed for you. more

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  1. biden* also said that blacks need to be ten times better than Whites just to get an even shot.

    Of course I get that, I have to be 10 times better than Uncle Al to get a “Happy Birthday” post on iotw…

    Perhaps next year?

  2. @LocoBS — Aim your pique at me and not at BFH&Co.

    Now that you’ve brought it up, I have to make a confession. On my birthday, I thought that it had been a while since we’d had one here at iOTW and they tend to be friendly and enjoyable, and perhaps would be especially welcome amid all the crappy goings on in the land lately. Not necessarily mine in particular; could be anybody’s. Also, it was my 75th, something of a milestone. So I gently and politely tapped BFH’s email shoulder and made the suggestion.

    So: it wasn’t that my BD was remembered and yours wasn’t, it was that I was pushy and rude and asked for it.

    Happy Birthday, LocoBlancoSaltine! How may years ya got now?

  3. Thanks Uncle Al.
    Actually, I usually start lobbying for a HBD post in early May.
    I should email BFH next time.
    Surely he’s cooled off from our dust-up thread last Fall?

    Anyway, even though I’m not a big “celebrate my birthday” guy I always enjoy the comments from all the usual suspects here.

    BTW, some of the recent birthday posts here besides yours I have no clue who they were?

    “AnonUser3211, Happy Birthday from iotw!”

  4. C’mon, man! Things are fuzzy! Look. If you’ve been around Trump, you know he should be… Here’s the deal. It was Trump’s pandemic! Shot! Anyway, I better stop before I get in trouble. Which way is the bathroom?

  5. Th Pandemonium? How in the hell dare he raise that? Frankly, when I was asked the question, I thought to myself, it wasn’t any of their damn business, since my sun Beau died when MAGA gibbed him Trumps disease! Anyway, lil girls are only safe from it in my bed. Lemmie sniffem to see if they need my specsul treatment.

    MONDAY, 20 MAY 2024, 22:04 AT 10:04 PM
    “Pence. Harris. What’s the diff?”

    One sucks a dick, the other IS a dick.

  7. …in fairness to Pedo, I’m sure he DID figure prominently in the murderous plot to steal power all over the world that made his OWN fradulent “election” possible, so maybe he’s referencing his role in THAT…

  8. He is 100% Accurate on this one!

    He was STILL the VP under Barky when the PLANNED the SCAMDEMIC with his Democraps & Deep State before leaving the Whitehouse as Trump was Moving in.

  9. I’m pretty sure they don’t even bother to edit the nonsense out of the official transcripts anymore. Probably stopped providing official transcripts months ago, and lets their media do the editing now.


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