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Biden Struggles with Helmet

Gateway Pundit-

Joe Biden on Friday welcomed the Kansas City Chiefs to the White House to celebrate their Super Bowl win. Biden shuffled out to the celebration and made a fool of himself as he struggled to put a helmet on.

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  1. This Jackass should be wearing a Tard Helmet every day! Too bad someone didn’t knock on it and say: “Knock-knock, who’s there?” – That would have really confused him!

  2. It’s almost as if he’s never put on a football helmet before. After all, five year old boys playing Pee Wee football in a day care center league have no problems putting on helmets.

    But how can that be? Didn’t the coaching staff at Navy agonize for months over whether they should recruit Joe Biden (The Scranton Scrapper) over future Heisman winners Joe Bellino and Roger Staubach?

    It don’t ADD UP! Maybe he really is completely senile

  3. It would appear the Biden Admin is so desperate thy are hiring Dumb and Dumber script writers.

    Or, is it slighlty more calculated?

    Sources say Joe is getting setup for a VP Super Delegate throwdown over Harris.

    Heh Heh

  4. It didn’t hold his interest because it didn’t smell like a little girl.

    Speaking of which, that’s why he called out for Taylor Swift at the end. She’s too old for him, so she has 2 other jobs. One is to be his publicist ti the young and dumb. Two is to keep him supplied with her prepubecent fans whenever he gets the itch.

    The football helmet made him feel like a tuff man. That makes it time to take it out on a preteen.

    Next week we’ll be hearing about how he quarterbacked in Super Bowl 89. Or that Beau died protecting the QB at the Tulip Bowl.

    Or both.

    Either way, a child will get raped when he’s done.

    It’s kind of his thing.

  5. Just Sayin’

    That’s a great comment. I do believe you have the piece of shit dialed. He’s a legend in his own mind. Remember during his first term as VP there was a video clip of him doing curls with a 20 lb dumbbell at his desk? What a man.


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