Biden Tells Audience to Marry Into a Family with 5 Daughters in Bizarre Moment During Speech – IOTW Report

Biden Tells Audience to Marry Into a Family with 5 Daughters in Bizarre Moment During Speech

President Joe Biden advised young men to take wives from families with more than five daughters on Tuesday.

The president was in Nashua, New Hampshire, speaking to an audience about the 2022 PACT Act when he made his remarks.

“I say to every young man thinking of getting married, marry into a family with five or more daughters,” Biden said.

“I did. My wife is the oldest of five sisters.”

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  1. Hmmm, my wife married into a family with 5 boys. I’m going to have to have a word with her about this. Actually she has said she had the pick of the litter…. OK, another set of questions.

  2. Quite so, joe6pak. I married into a family of three girl children, and married the youngest (0-0 !) and the first to be married. On either side.

    The vitriol ! I was married in 1999, and am still considered a scumbag.

    Even though I spent 20 years repairing those other two husband’s cunting errors.

    No, I’m not bitter. I have escaped. We have escaped.

  3. Erik, actually i was joking. My wife and I celebrated our 40th anniversary a few months ago, and she is correct in saying she got the pick of the litter. My brothers, and my wife’s sisters are libs, we both got he picks of the litter!

  4. I’ve always wondered if Jill’s family were trying to take a page out of the playbook of the family that served up their underage daughter to Roman Polanski. Joe’s in his 40s and in Congress, Jill’s his babysitter around 14 or 15 — lots of blackmail potential there.

  5. My wife of 30 years is completely non- political. Our grandkids got me a t-shirt that said Lets Go Brandon and I had to explain it to her. Her sister, on the other hand, is a die hard democrat who can’t keep a bot friend. Luckily, she lives in New Mexico and we live? in Illinois.

  6. How many families in 2024 actually have five daughters. My Dad had one the biggest broods of children in the Catholic community in Phoenix in the Sixties with nine, and I only heard of one family that was bigger. And he still had a mere four daughters

    Joe’s fifty years behind the times .. which is typical of senile old bastards

  7. I have daughters, ann I mean I had em sexually! They grew up so I srarted in tge grandoters!

    No joke, Beau died sos I cud pork his dotter! It was Jannuary 66th I bemeber, and MAGA was eating at muh theoxracy…

  8. Yesterday was 55 years for the wife and I with four years of dating prior to the wedding.

    Ruth”s Chris ain’t what it used to be, but the price is still insanely high.

    Told her to pick one of the gift cards on the fridge and that’s where she should make the reservation. Good thing we used it up as the longer it went the closer it would be to only paying for an appetizer. No drinks, no appetizers, and limited on what we ordered, $215. 00 with tip. Without a gift card or even if we had the disposable $$$ to piss away no way to be returning or hitting the high end eateries.

    Two gift cards left.


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