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Biden Tries Blaming Russia for White House Energy Policy and Inflation

CTH: It’s worth paying attention to where and when Joe Biden is standing when he makes his ridiculous economic claims today about Russia being the cause of the energy policy from the White House.

Do not let it go unnoticed that it’s June, the last month of the second quarter for economic data.  Do not let it pass your reference that Joe Biden is speaking from the Port of Los Angeles (POLA) as he spins his nonsense about the inflation, he alone is responsible for.  And do not overlook the attendee mentioned in this subtle statement, “And, John, I can’t thank you.  You’re — you’re the real deal.  Anybody — well, I won’t get into — get you in trouble, but thanks for sticking up for me.”

John” is the White House Port Envoy John D Porcari. A severely partisan former Obama official who was selected by Joe Biden to lead the fraudulent effort to improve supply chains when the White House was under assault in the fall of 2021.  Porcari was the person who designed “operation hide the ships” to give the illusion of port efficiency improvement, and it is almost a certainty that it was Porcari who leveraged his influence with the POLA to hold back the December 2021 import data in order to try and improve the GDP statistics.  more here

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  1. “Joe Biden is gaslighting us into serfdom.”

    finally! … someone else has said it!
    Biden is an ignorant, stupid, stroked-out brained, bullying tool (how many times must it be said??? he’s been this all his life .. ffs!!!), a puppet, a court jester that we are comfortable in ridiculing … he’s a distraction. we can throw our rotten fruit & vegetables at him, instead of focusing of the real steal.

    get it? we are becoming the new serfdom because we are obsessing on the idiot instead of his puppet-masters that are pulling the strings

  2. The fun has just begun.

    As bad as it seems now, check your investment portfolios around March 2023.

    These people suck, they always sucked, but Trump was a meanie, doncha know.

    America is fooked.

  3. Joe’s approval rating is as big a lie as the claimed 8% inflation rate. It’s more like 25% approval (braindead Dem morons) and 25% overall inflation.

    What governments do best: LIE.

  4. Inflation started day one of Joetato’s theft of the Presidency.

    He and his puppet masters can lie about it all they want. And shitbombs like Judy, here, and a hundred others can lie and lie.

    Lie about global warming, lie about EVs, lie about the evils of coal and nuclear power, lie about global cooling (that was the big lie when I was young — that there was an ice age that would destroy the earf by 1990 unless we stopped eating bacon, or whatever the fuck it was)… they make up shit about anything. And morons just suck it up.

  5. 3% of our oil comes/came from Russia. But Russia is the cause of $8 per gallon gas. Sure it is. Of course.

    Biden is pulling us into tyranny every day with his lies. Our food supplies are under attack. Water too. Maybe the Feds will try to restrict the air itself.

    Life gets worse every day in our United States. Nothing in my memory is as bad as it is right now. Hundreds of thousands of babies executed every year, criminals running amok, SC members threatened with death, Liberals in congress lying their asses off. And, not just in the US, but world-wide also.

  6. Vote smart in these 22 midterms and we can dispose of Biden properly. Granted, Kamalla is no prize but if we have enough voice in both houses then we can ‘lame duck’ her until 2024. I honestly do not feel that she will put up much of a fight anyway. Her laziness and lack of drive will keep herself contained.

  7. Every tyranny is based on lies – lies and the cowardice of the masses (that’s us).

    Utopia is just around the corner – only one more river to cross – only one more war to fight – only one more purge of undesirable deplorables – only one more gulag – only one more concentration camp – only one more child sacrifice.

    This is basically why education has become “education.” The State Schools indoctrinate our youth in lies, prevarications, slogans, and lusts. And we sit passive, watching the heinous dreck spewn by the perverts of Hollyweird while being inundated by the thinly disguised propaganda of Madison Ave. and Wall St. and assailed on all sides by the dissimulations and poisons of Academia and Medicine.

    And we wonder: “How did it get like this? Shouldn’t it be the same as it ever was?”

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …


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