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Biden Underwater In Deep Blue State, Poll Finds


President Joe Biden’s poll numbers are underwater in New York as his favorability rating dips, according to a new poll from Siena College Research Institute.

Biden’s favorability-unfavorability rating in New York fell to 45-52%, a drop from 50-45% in September, according to a Tuesday poll from Siena College Research Institute. A majority of Democrats, 52%, want a different presidential candidate in 2024 compared to 54% who said they wanted Biden to be the nominee for the upcoming presidential election in September.  MORE

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  1. ^^ Like Jacob Marley whose steel chains were weighed down with “cash-boxes, keys, padlocks, ledgers, deeds, and heavy purses” (i.e., the Biden crime family fortune).

  2. @Jethro — Yeah, but I have fond memories of Chain Bridge by Pimmit Run. Fifty years ago (yeah, FIFTY) I was working at Sibley Hospital and a lady friend who also worked there and I would take long lunch breaks there. Decorum prevents further story telling. (-;

  3. Trust me, the Goddamn idiots will still vote for him. I have lived close enough to Seattle and Portland for six decades, they vote for whoever NPR and the Seattle times tells them to vote for. They’re fucking zombies.

  4. The ENTIRE POINT of establishing and enshrining only “two parties” in our system is to ensure that NEITHER truly suffers when they are 100% crap (as they BOTH truly are). In EVERY STATE, ballot access laws keep competitive parties off the ballot. Collusion with the news media ensures that alternatives are NEVER HEARD FROM nor “inconvenient” subjects ever discussed, and schools ensure that only two parties are ever mentioned. Add to that the entire structure of the Electoral College, the rules in both houses of Congress, and it should be clear to EVERYONE that we are NOT EVER going to be able to vote our way out of this mess. When BOTH party’s best argument for voting for them is “at least we aren’t as shitty as they are,” we as a nation are doomed. Welcome to 2023 Amerika.

  5. @Uncle Al
    Never had an experience like that at chain bridge. I do recall fishing for shad and an occasional pike under chain bridge as a kid with my father and brothers. That’s the tidal water transition takes place on the Potomac.
    I did have an experience similar to yours at Carderock park 42 years ago…

  6. In the immortal words of that noted philosopher Hillary Clinton, “At this point, what difference does it make?”
    They stole an election and got away with it. There is not turning back now. The only value polls have is to show the commies how many votes they’ll need to manufacture on election day. We’re rapidly approaching the day when there will be more votes cast for the democrat than there are actual citizens in the country. And, when that happens, the GOP will wring their hands and say, “Well there’s no evidence of cheating, guess we’ll just have to work harder next time.”

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