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Biden Won’t Condemn Hamas Supporters Because He Needs Them


For months now, an anti-Western intifada movement has plagued American universitiescitiesroadways, and even the U.S. Capitol. Yet President Joe Biden feels no pressure from the corrupt corporate media to answer for the radical actions of his left-wing supporters.

Contrast that with the media’s treatment of former President Donald Trump while he was in office. For years, corporate media constantly demanded the Republican condemn what they claimed was “right-wing” racism, white nationalism, and radical groups like the Ku Klux Klan. Trump did so unequivocally multiple times, yet the corporate press repeatedly battered him to do it again.

Even Trump’s distinct denouncement of white supremacy during the 2020 presidential debates was not good enough for media mouthpieces, who dishonestly asserted the 45th president had “refused” to do so. more here

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  1. Biden Won’t Condemn Hamas Supporters Because He Needs Them…
    …as part of the “civilian national security force” that is just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded” as the U.S. military” as promoted by a Jew hating, moisturizing metrosexual, Quasi-muzlim known as the Kenyan Kremepuff. Yeah, to a certain extent it’s about votes, but honestly that is for show. The democRATz are so confident in their ability to cheat and bum-rush elections that they actually put a mind-numbingly stupid, crooked-ass dumb-shit as their candidate! It’s all about chaos, mayhem and ultimately the destruction of the greatest nation on the planet so the Chicoms can have free rein without any significant interference!

  2. Somebody just set himself on fire in NY at protest outside courthouse where Trump will be tried.

    Same subject of protest??? Not sure. Story developing…

    People have gone nuts.

  3. Boy, they sure went out of their way to associate BurningMan with President Trump by adding his picture in on the banner and the scroll for no reason, didn’t they?

    Even though he wasn’t outside, didn’t see it, and they admit in the article they don’t know if he was for him, against him, or just a Froot Loop…

    …shitty pics BTW, I can take better with my ancient cell phone. But from what I can see his burned skin is likely academic because he probably swallowed some fire, and unless they cut in an emergency cricothyrotomy to bypass it, the swelling in his mouth and throat was probably enough to shut him down and makes it damn hard to pass an ET tube the normal way too unless you can jam it in right quick.

    It’s also pretty cool how clothing sometimes fuses with flesh, especially various types of rubber and synthetics. It makes “peeling your shirt off”, or the fragments thereof, WAY more literal than most folks would prefer…

    …if they did save him, though, he’s got a very painful future of having dead flesh scrubbed off pink, raw new skin with wire brushes and such ahead of him, as well as a HUGE risk of infections. Lots and lots of infections.

    …although apparently there’s a maggot option now. Good job too, should be pretty easy to find maggots in NYC, both human and not so…


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