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Biden’s Child Slaves – The Real Reason Kids Are Shoveled Across The Border

A reminder about the Uniparty:

AND Magazine:

Once upon a time, the Democratic Party prided itself on being the party of working men and women. It pushed for workplace safety and a living wage. It stood for human dignity. Not anymore. Now the Democratic Party is owned by globalists and corporate elitistsIt stands for the offshoring of jobs to nations where workers have no rights.

And, when it comes to those jobs that can’t be offshored, the Democratic Party prefers importing slaves to paying living wages and worrying about working conditions.

Our border is wide open. Flooding across it are vast numbers of people, many of them underage, unaccompanied boys and girls. The corporate media’s narrative is that these are children somehow separated from their parents who must be rushed into the nation and reunited with their loved ones so they can pursue the American dream, get an education and realize their potential.

Nowhere in any of this is there a mention of the awful truth. These children are being effectively bought and sold as cheap labor to do the nation’s most distasteful and grueling jobs.

By law, unaccompanied minors who are encountered by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) are transferred to shelters run by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).  In practice, most of the actual handling of these minors from this point on is done by contractors such as Catholic Charities. The children are transported to locations all around the country and then released into the care of sponsors with no effective monitoring system of any kind in place. more

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  1. Thank God people are starting to take the advising for a while now and no longer are willing to concede good intentions. It is never warranted when dealing with “progressives.” What has been evident, is finally being openly discussed for what it is.

    The Republican establishment is no less culpable. They have been complicit all along.

  2. Back around 1980 when I was an independent trucker I picked up a load of frozen chickens (yep I was dreaded ‘chicken hauler’) in Dallas weekly. I believe the company was ‘Pilgrim’s Pride’ it was many years ago so that may not be accurate. Anyway, everyone knew the place was packed with illegals even back then.

    Upstairs at the plant was the freezer where ice was stored to be used for packaging downstairs. One morning the guy who shoved the blocks of ice into the auger (a giant drill bit) to grind the ice to send downstairs slipped and fell into the auger. In seconds his leg was amputated and his screams could be heard everywhere. Also within seconds literally every employee ran out of the building never to be seen again. Not a single one offered any help to the injured guy. THAT’S how illegals take care of each other. Viva mehico…

  3. Aaaaand child labor laws aren’t being enforced? (surprise, surprise!)

    “Please sir, may I ‘ave some more?”


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