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Biden’s FDA Has Reportedly Not Proven Any Babies Died From Baby Formula

Daily Caller:

President Joe Biden’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) may have directly contributed to the ongoing nationwide baby formula shortage without proving any babies died from baby formula.

The FDA announced Feb. 17 that a major Abbott Nutrition plant in Michigan, responsible for producing massive quantities of baby formula, was under investigation for links to bacterial outbreaks, including salmonella. The agency helped Abbott initiate a recall of its baby formula. Yet neither the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) nor the FDA have been able to prove that any babies got sick from Abbott’s formula, according to The Wall Street Journal.

There were two types of infections initially reported to the FDA, and linked back to the Abbott facility: Cronobacter sakazakii and salmonella. FDA inspectors found bacteria at the Abbott plant, but the company has strongly denied that it’s actually responsible for the reported infections, according to the outlet.

The company claims the evidence is on their side. The places at the facility where FDA inspectors found bacteria were not in contact with formula products, and genetic tests performed by the CDC determined that the cronobacter strains in the facility did not match those which caused the infections, according to The WSJ, citing Abbott. more

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  1. There IS NO shortage of baby formula and is being deliberately withheld by Joe Biden and his trail of profiteering collaborators. The chronic liar Biden is doing this to open the door for the Gates-Fauci circulating of their lab-created poisonous “human milk”. Biden is also responsible for the engineering of the supply chain stall, plus take noe of the fact that his claim he ordered “pallets” of baby formula from german and other nations is also a bold-faced lie. All those internet news pictures he had displayed of those “pallets” and “military planes” supposedly carrying baby formula is false, bogus, doctored, photoshopped, and meant to deceive Americans. No such formula-delivery things happening. Add that if someone is known to lie about anything at any time, as seen with Joe Biden, reasonable thinking skills would say NOT to believe anything such a person. The only way to survive in this country now is to use your own decision-making skills based on sound and credible facts and info.

  2. No babies died from baby formula.

    Millions have been murdered in the womb tho.

    Using FDA approved equipment and procedures at that.

    Don’t see them shutting down any abortion factories however.

    …so I guess this isn’t about dead babies at all…

  3. When you wield power you need NO proof.

    We surrendered our sovereignty to a cabal of treasonous filth – we can expect no mercy.
    (and deserve none)
    We traded our birthright (Liberty) for a cup of rice.
    At least Esau got a bowl of lentil stew.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  4. Anytime now I suspect this Einsatzgruppen will be going from town to town deciding who lives and who starves. Here’s some advice for ’em: Don’t leave the Beltway. If you know what’s good for ya.

  5. Given time I’m sure he can find 51 experts on the subject that will sign a paper stating otherwise.

  6. Such complete NAZI asses. “Comply or die!”

    Will people stop voting Demoncrap?

    No, they will not stop voting for Demoncraps.

  7. The goal in disrupting the flow of baby formula was precisely to kill babies where none were being killed before. Not only should you never vote for democrats. You should consider proactively fucking them over at every possible opportunity. Sabotage their lives the way their shit party is sabotaging our entire nation.

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