Biden’s Net Approval Drops 11 Points in Nevada – IOTW Report

Biden’s Net Approval Drops 11 Points in Nevada

Biden plummets 16 points with younger Democrats.

The Nevada Globe:

By Megan Barth.

“Brutal.” There is no other way to say it. The Morning Consult released new polling today and it is just brutal and must add to the dread being experienced by Democratic candidates throughout the state, including Senator Catherine Cortez Masto and Reps. Susie Lee, Steven Horsford and Dina Titus.

The Globe has reported that Independents, Hispanics, young voters and women are leaving the Democratic party in droves, and three times as many Democrats as Republicans have changed their voter registration. As Biden continues to poll underwater, he drags his Democratic colleagues down with him, causing the Cook Political Report to shift the Senate and two congressional districts from Leans Democrat to Toss up and refer to Sen, Cortez Masto as the “#1 endangered incumbent.” more

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  1. When Dems win seats all over the place this November, a few tens of millions MORE Americans will believe that 2020 was stolen. Dominion can change vote counts, ABC/CBS/NBC/CNN/MSDNC can make claims to their viewers, but the truth still gets out. And it’s more obvious every day.

  2. Remember, this is Nevada, run by Alphonse Sisolak. The roulette wheels now have only blue slots and red slots. When the ball rolls into a red slot, it is immediately shot up into the air and will miraculously fall back into a blue slot. The wheels are managed by Dominion.
    Wanna make a buck? Bet only blue.

  3. All I tell everyone when they complain is:

    Orange Man Bad, Justin is Dreamy, The world is on fire, your kids will never own a house & live the life you lived.

    You Voted for it.


  4. The problem is “young democrats” blame all the failures on the old man in the Oval Office, not his policies, which are mainstream democrat party. So these idiots will vote for anyone who has the same positions but is younger and better looking. Thank you public schools.

  5. Socialists losing an election isn’t justice.
    Socialists having low poll numbers isn’t justice.

    Hanging them so that they can NEVER again steal another election is JUSTICE.

    We must get them out of education, the media, the government, Wall St., Madison Ave., Hollyweird, Academia, and wherever else they spread their filth, corruption, and pollution – or they just go dormant as the plague bacillus does.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …


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