Biden’s VP search chief tied to China money scandal, Harvey Weinstein and women allegations – IOTW Report

Biden’s VP search chief tied to China money scandal, Harvey Weinstein and women allegations

‘I never received an apology from Chris Dodd,’ says Carla Gaviglio, who alleges she was assaulted in a ‘shocking and vulgar’ 1985 restaurant episode involving the former Connecticut senator.

Just the News: Joe Biden, already facing allegations of sexual assault at home and nepotism in China, has chosen a former U.S. senator with his own political baggage on China, ethics, and women to run the search for a vice presidential nominee.

Christopher Dodd, who retired from the Senate a decade ago, was a central figure in the 1990s China fundraising scandal, having served as the General Chairman of the Democratic Party at a time it and Bill Clinton’s campaign accepted illegal foreign donations and turned the Lincoln bedroom into a donor perk.

The retired Connecticut Democrat also has long boasted a friendship with the convicted Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, whose sexual misconduct gave rise to the #MeToo movement. Dodd was also one of the top beneficiaries of Weinstein’s political largesse. In fact, Dodd was listed in 2017 as the second largest career recipient of Weinstein’s political donations, behind Barack Obama, according to campaign finance records.

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15 Comments on Biden’s VP search chief tied to China money scandal, Harvey Weinstein and women allegations

  1. This isn’t going to make any difference come election time.

  2. Perverts of a feather, stick together!

  3. Dodd-Frank: Because, you’re going to get it in the end anyways.

  4. I blame this on those nasty women who used to wear pink hats and scream and bang on the doors of the Supreme Court. They don’t seem to be screaming loud enough these days. Selective Amnesia is a wonderful medical condition to observe. It’s not like Alzheimer’s Disease. That’s irreversible. Stay tuned for the proof of that diagnosis.

  5. Another one of the reasons Jeffery Epstein got so remorseful and hung himself in prison, to protect his friend Cris Dodd. /S

  6. Dodd’s a fukkin traitor and should have been tried and executed decades ago.
    His existence is an affront – thoroughly corrupt – greedy, grasping, arrogant, and condescending towards women in general and his constituency.

    He’s another one of those who you can’t figure out why ANYONE would vote for him!
    There hasn’t been an honest word out of his mouth – ever.
    He oozes contemptuousness.
    One gets the impression that if you put salt on him, he’d dissolve.

    CT – Elected Blumenthal and Murphy – nothing else to say – they must love scum.

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. Dam it, I already took my morning shower!! YUCK after reading that, could not even finish the article, having read about that years ago.

    Filthy scummy bastards…rot in hell Ted…and Chris you can go straight to it.

  8. …Carrie Fisher turned Chuck Dodd down, in front of his wingman Kennedy.

    Now Carrie is dead.


    …yeah, it’s been awhile, but Democrats NEVER forgive, and Democrats NEVER forget…

  9. I would think that potential voters, especially young college age voters, would have a more immediate interest in dodd than his involvement with china. How about the dodd- frank bill? The law that created the CFPB, lizzy warren’s favorite slush fund.
    “…It has no control over an education industry that wants tuition to keep rising, let alone over the pervasive idea that borrowing tens of thousands of dollars for school is a good bet. Nor can it change the bankruptcy code, which currently prohibits students from discharging either public or private student-loan debt in bankruptcy. If bankruptcy were allowed, lenders might hesitate to throw money at students, imposing some free-market discipline on the government-created debt machine.”’s-protection-racket-13483.html
    Got that kids? You better scream a little harder for student loan forgiveness, and this is the man to scream it to. He and barney frank, when he wasn’t running a gay brothel out of his DC townhouse, crafted this. And biden chooses him to help select a running mate. Someone ask airhead aoc how she feels about his choice. Please, and on camera. He is the primary reason student loan payments can’t be forgiven, even in bankruptcy or death. How do they accept this contradiction? Oh, that’s right- they probably don’t know about it.
    Between dodd and garcetti, he’s got quite a crew started up over there.

  10. @Joe6pak – that made me smile. That would go great with The Flynn Flag but, how bout this one instead? ‘To Arms’ (or at the very least a ‘Revere warning call’):

    That was a great site!

    And btw? ‘There’s an APP for that’…and you are making my brain work more now! Think about those b-day cards people get…we could put an embedded chip under the trumpet…and ya just press it and hear the bugle! No?


  11. good choice for biden

    if chris “the sandwich” dodd can’t find joe someone to go to the kitchen and make him a samwich no one can


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