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Bill banning “assault weapons” voted down in Democrat Colorado Legislature

JTN: A bill to ban firearms described as “assault weapons” failed to advance out of the Colorado House Judiciary Committee early Thursday after a 13-hour hearing.

House Bill 23-1230, sponsored by Rep. Elisabeth Epps, D-Denver, would have prohibited the manufacturing, importing, purchasing, or selling of an assault weapon, among other restrictions. The bill was postponed indefinitely on an 8-5 vote. Reps. Lindsey Daugherty, D-Arvada, Bob Marshall, D-Highlands Ranch, Said Sharbini, D-Thornton, Marc Snyder, D-Manitou Springs, joined the committee’s four Republicans in voting to postpone.

“Although I know objectively – because I’m an organizer and my mama didn’t raise no quitter – the work we have to do takes years,” Epps said before the vote.

Colorado House Republicans thanked hundreds of people who testified against the bill throughout the day, either in person or remotely. MORE

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  1. It’s not a matter of enforcing the law as I don’t envision LEO going door to door. But what about the incidental discovery that you’re in possession of one of the specifically named weapons?

    Maybe you just moved here from out of state? Or your home was broken into and the police notice them? Or your home catches fire and a fireman sees one? Maybe one is at your business for self defense and a code enforcement officer sees it? Maybe you’re military and have just been stationed in WA? That’s the downside to even having a law like this on the books.

    Knowing TPTB and their eyes on everything, once the ATF or FBI or DOJ, much less the WA Staties, sees you’re in possession of banned weapon? Wall-la, you’re now an arrested felon.

  2. “Gotta take care of your own business in the sticks.”

    Gotta take care of your own business where ever you live. The way it works is LE is called after the crime is committed.

  3. I moved to Highlands Ranch 21 years ago and back then Douglas County was the most conservative county in the country. But for the past 20 years g-d damn Californians have been move in and not changing the way they vote and now my town is Libfuckeryvill. Well, maybe not that bad. After where I live is not as bad a Minnesota.


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